Why is GoToQuiz stupid?

There are many people creating GoToQuiz quizzes because they find them amusing, and many people like to try doing them. If you wish to discover why they are amusing then try this one.

If you complete this one, you need to think about the things it tells you abot GoToQuiz, and then consider whether or not you would like to do another, or even set one for yourself.

Created by: Roger Wibberley

  1. Is GoToQuiz stupid because...
  2. How does GoToQuiz compare with others?
  3. When you do a GoToQuiz do you feel...
  4. Which GoToQuiz questions have you enjoyed answering?
  5. After completing a GoToQuiz quiz, what have you felt like doing?
  6. What doing GoToQuiz has inspired you to create another - and what subject would it be?
  7. When you see the challenge of a GoToQuiz, what are your immediate feelings?
  8. If one of your friends created a GoToQuiz, would you answer it?
  9. If you were to create a GoToQuiz quiz would you expect your friends to take it seriously?
  10. If you devised a single GoToQuiz, would you ever think of doing another one?

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