What Wings of Fire Pantala hero r u?

Have you read the Wings of Fire books? Awesome right, but have you ever wondered which Pantala hero you are? This is ur perfect answer. Find out which Pantala hero u r today!

I must thank Gotoquiz for all their help with creating this quiz. Quizzes are always fun to take and find an answer but creating ur own quiz. WOWZA! So, in conclusion, Thank you Gotoquiz, for helping me make others content.

Created by: Scarlett

  1. Gender
  2. Do you stand out? If so, how?
  3. How do you keep yourself going?
  4. You are in danger. Your friends are next to you. What do you do?
  5. Color
  6. What is something your friend might say about you?
  7. What do u think of yourself?
  8. I love to...
  9. Are you liking this quiz?
  10. I want my best friend to be...

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