What Pantala POV Character Are You?

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I hope you've read the Wings of Fire books that take place in Pantala! Ever wondered which of the main characters you'd be? Well, me too, that's why I created this quiz!

Find out if you're curious Cricket, bashful Blue, or spicy Sundew! Some of the questions will be strange, but that's fine. It doesn't have to make sense to be fun! (And I bet all you Crickets out there will disagree with that XD)

Created by: Vivien of My Goodreads profile
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  1. Coffee, Tea, or Soda?
  2. What trait do you look for in a friend?
  3. Pick a color
  4. Spell it right!
  5. BzzrrtttTTT! S- Orr- Y- W-- E're-- BRRZZTT!- C- tt- ng ou- t! Bzttt!
  7. Hm... what about a little roleplay?
  8. You are walking down a road when you see an injured dragon in your way. You can't fly over him because it seems your wings aren't working.
  9. You see your friends are trapped and you know you can either save one of them or save all of them but you die instead.
  10. What time is your alarm set for?
  11. How'd you like the quiz?
  12. Feminine or masculine?

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