Do you know the first 5 wings of fire books?

Did you just read the first 5 books in Wof? Then come here and take this quiz! We will welcome you with big talons (of peace) and a nice smile!!!!!!!!

Do you think you know Pantala more??? Im working on a Pantala quiz so stay in touch for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im doing a what tribe are you quiz next tho

Created by: Aqua the seawing

  1. We'll start easy ( dont think this quiz is easy tho )What did Clay's mother think of him once he found her
  2. Which queen won the great war? ( They'll get harder )
  3. What are the dragonets called ( If you get this wrong )
  4. Okay now... Which female dragon kidnapped Sunny?
  5. Who was the first real nice dragonet Starflight met at the volcano?
  6. Which dragonet was born in Tsunami's talons?
  7. Did clay attack the dragonets one they where in there eggs?
  8. Can seawings fly?
  9. Thank you!
  10. Idk

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Quiz topic: Do I know the first 5 wings of fire books?