What is your Wings of fire tribe ( Pyrrhia ) ?

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Ever wonder what your wings of fire tribe is? Well your in luck! DISCLAIMER: I may get the personalities wrong. I don’t own the pictures either! Have fun! I might make a Pantala quiz too!

Ok. Why are you still reading this u have a quiz to take. TAKE THE QUIZ. I might do a animus quiz too. Email me any suggestions at [no emails] :p have lots of fun!

Created by: Dreamwalker

  1. What is most appealing to you?
  2. What home sounds best for you?
  3. Who is your fave dragonet of destiny?
  4. What makes a true queen?
  5. What would you wish for if a genie gave you 1 wish?
  6. What is the best out of these?
  7. Who’s the best?
  8. What’s the tribe YOU feel like you are?
  9. Who’s the best queen?
  10. Would you lie?

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Quiz topic: What is my Wings of fire tribe ( Pyrrhia ) ?