What wings of fire tribe are you? 2018

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This quiz will determine what tribe you would be in by were you would like to live. This test also includes the new 3 tribes(all the tribe will be below).

You can get a Mudwing, Skywing, Seawing, Sandwing, Rainwing, Icewing, Nightwing, Hivewing, Silkwing, Or Leafwing. You will also learn there queens of there alliance in the Great War.

Created by: Sandlore

  1. What is you favorite continent?
  2. Do you like tropical areas?
  3. Do you like dry, hot, and desert like areas?
  4. Do you like the ocean?
  5. Do you like fire volcano that could kill you at any moment?
  6. Do you like muddy places?
  7. would you like to live in the sky?
  8. Do you like ice places?
  9. would you like to live in a hive?
  10. Have you been to the lost content?

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Quiz topic: What wings of fire tribe am I? 2018