Do You Sense the Presence of Darkness??

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How often do you sense spiritual darkness in yours or others' lives? Are you constantly worried that you'll be attacked if you don't stay alert? How often DO people affect your emotions or beliefs? Do they ever realize that they might just be "messengers of Satan" without knowing it?

Disclaimer: I made this quiz mostly for fun, and also for those of us who experience what some may call "spiritual warfare." You do not have to be of a certain faith to take this quiz without a problem. I appreciate all stories you may tell in the comment section after the quiz, and also comments and critiques for future quizzes. By the way, this is my first ever quiz on GoToQuiz. I hope you will enjoy it! Good luck!

Created by: ForeverSurrender

  1. You enter into a room where an illegal or very immoral activity (example: murder, abuse, etc.) is being performed, but you are only aware of it upon seeing the actions yourself, and not before you enter. On a scale of 0 to 5, how bothered are you by this event?
  2. Now imagine the same scenario in the previous question, but this time, it is not necessarily illegal or extremely immoral (example: gambling). On the same scale, how do you feel?
  3. Would you be able to accept something that is considered taboo?
  4. Finish the sentence: "Trust. . ."
  5. Emotions and feelings. . .
  6. Do you agree with this statement? "I believe in the power of positive thinking."
  7. I listen to every word people say because each can have meaning, power, and implications behind them.
  8. I am very skeptical of people I first meet.
  9. Do you believe you have seen/felt/heard/sensed spirits (whether good or bad)?
  10. How do you feel about the occult?
  11. Have you ever lost control of your body (and possibly blacked out) at one point or another for no good reason?
  12. Have you seen/felt/heard/sensed demons (if you believe in them)? (If you answered "yes" to the spirit one and/or this one, you can tell me what happened if you'd like)
  13. Can evil be defined?
  14. I feel like I am being watched, followed, or spied on with no reasoning behind it.
  15. I find myself in constant mental battles over things that are meaningless to other people.
  16. I find myself in constant mental battles over spiritual matters (such as a belief in, trusting/having faith in God(s), salvation, religious practices, moral codes, etc)
  17. I am bothered by thoughts that seem to show up and "attack me" for no identifiable reason.
  18. I am bothered by statements that seem to, but are not meant to, attack me, my beliefs, or choices.
  19. When someone tries to make me feel better about spiritual things, but does not realize I do not share their point of view, I feel "attacked," regardless of the person's beliefs.
  20. I can sense what I believe to be demonic influence through someone's actions or words.
  21. Do you agree with this statement? "I feel my life is a never ending cycle of bad luck."
  22. I have difficulties praying (or meditating) when I sense negative energy (or demonic influence).
  23. I can admit to screaming at my inner voices often for being so negative, demanding, or irritating.
  24. I can thoughtfully see how something has influenced me and make a plan to combat or benefit from its effects on me.
  25. I "know" when something comes from a negative source (in particular, demons/the Devil, or bad spirits).
  26. At times, I have an overwhelming sense that I or someone else is about to be attacked spiritually or mentally.
  27. Thoughts have sometimes become so loud and clear that I am certain it isn't me.
  28. Can you go somewhere and suddenly sense a spiritual darkness surrounding the area?
  29. Are you used to having negative forces work against you?
  30. Are you afraid of demons/bad spirits?
  31. What's your best comeback or relief when you are being spiritually attacked?
  32. How often do you watch movies/TV shows, read/listen to stories, or play games that are scary and have to do with the paranormal?
  33. Final question: do you believe in the Devil/Satan, demons, and/or negative spirits/entities of any sort (this one has no effect on your outcome)?

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Quiz topic: Do I Sense the Presence of Darkness??