How Well Do You Know Flyleaf's Lyrics?

Hello and welcome to my quiz which will test your knowledge of Flyleaf's song lyrics. Flyleaf is an alternative rock band which was formed in Temple/Belton Texas. Many times their songs have Christian themes.

So here's your chance to see how well you know a few selected songs which I have chosen because I really like them and their meanings. So please enjoy the quiz and good luck!

Created by: Anastasia

  1. ~I love the way that your heart breaks, With every injustice and deadly fate, Praying it all will be new, And living like it all depends on you~
  2. ~Left alone with only reflections of the memory, To face the ugly girl that's smothering me, Sitting closer than my pain, He knew each tear before it came, Soon He will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and by~
  3. ~Now I am mute despite myself, All of them are gone, The silence overtakes me, The idle words forsake me, And I am left to face me~
  4. ~My hands float up above me, And you whisper you love me, And I begin to fade, Into our secret place~
  5. ~Evil fell from your pretty mouth, Wrapped in your classic voice, Angelic in your syntax, Demonic in your motive, Your pretty eyes don’t know that, The water flowing from this well isn’t fresh~
  6. ~Here I stand, Empty hands, Wishing my wrists were bleeding, To stop the pain from the beatings, There you stood, Holding me, Waiting for me to notice you~
  7. ~All heads are bowed in silence, To remember her last sentence, She answered him knowing what would happen, Her last words still hanging in the air, In the air~
  8. ~Please, give me something, I'm so thirsty, I'm so thirsty, Oh please let me warn them, Don't you come here, Don't bring anyone here~
  9. ~Unified diversity, Functioning as one body, Every part encouraged by the other, No one independent of another, You're irreplaceable, indispensable, You're incredible, You're incredible~
  10. ~You can only move as fast as, Who's in front of you, And if you assume, Just like them, What good will it do, So find out for yourself, So your ignorance, Will stop bleeding through~

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Flyleaf's Lyrics?