Are you A master of Lyrics?

Did You ever Wonder how good you were with Lyrics? Well Wonder no more! This Quiz helps you tell how good with Lyrics you truely are! It is 100 % Accurate & Fun! plus it gives you a note 2 a surprise at the end! you'll see what I mean Later!

Anyway, Are you a master of Lyrics. The only way to find is to take my Quiz it's simple & fun. I really hope you like it. I try to make the best Quizzes I can. Duces!

Created by: Brittany
  1. What Comes next after this line from Demi Lovato?My state has finally got the best of me.
  2. Fill in the blank well I got tired of waiting,wondering if u were ever comin around u was fading
  3. What Famous Band Does this Line BELONG! 2? You Know that i've seen 2 many Romantic Dreams
  4. Where does this line fit in to the Climb Begging or end? Keep the faith keep your faith whoa
  5. Finish this line from Petula Clark's happy together me & you. & you & me no matter the toss the Dice ? ? ? ? the only one for me is you & you for me so happy together
  6. Do you feel that you are a master of lyrics?
  7. what song is this line from? sleigh bells ring are you listening
  8. Did Taylor Swift make A song Called Change?
  9. Answer me So I can Smile, right after a blossom fell & a Ramblin Rose that's Unforgetable. Who has the name of all these songs?
  10. Fill in the blank step 1 you say we 2 talk he walks you say ? Down it's just a talk.
  11. Last one:Do u watch don't Forget the Lyrics?

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