How Well Do You Know Song Lyrics?

There are many people who claim to know the lyrics to a song, r u one of thm? How musically inclined r u? this quiz will determine if you know the lyrics to a wide variety of different kinds of artists.

So yeah idk what else to writ here so yeah..... hope you like me quiz, and hope you r as good as me!!! lol jk jk!!! so um.....hola!! Hi!! IX!! yeah.........

Created by: Satin
  1. Everywhere I'm lookin now I'm surrounded by______(Halo by Beyonce)
  2. I feel alone here and cold here, though I don't wanna die, but the only anesthetic that makes me feel anything_______(Cut by PLumb)
  3. According to him, I'm____(According to you by Orianthi)
  4. Breathe for Love tomorrow, cause there's no hope for today, Breathe for love tomorrow cause_____(Breathe by Paramore)
  5. Lets gather round the campfire and sing_______(Campfire Song Song by Spongebob) Sry had to do it XD
  6. Somethings getting in the way, Somethings_____(The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin)
  7. Cause' i get a thousand hugs from ten-thousand lightning bugs as they try to teach me_____(Fireflies by Owl city)
  8. If Today was your last day, and tomorrow was to late could you_____(If today was your last day by Nickelback)
  9. Don't resent me, and when your feeling empty______(Leave out all the res by Linkin Park)
  10. In this world theres real and make believe and this seems_____( Let me go by 3 doors down)
  11. These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just to real, there's just to much that______(My immortal by Evanescence)
  12. This world will never be what i expected, and if i______( Never too late by Three Days Grace)
  13. Call your name every day well I feel so helpless, i'm______( rise above this by Seether)
  14. LAST QUESTION So what if it's only one O' clock in the afternoon, it's never to soon to send out all the invitations_______( Bad influence by pink)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Song Lyrics?