Do you know your country lyrics?

So you think you know the lyrics to country music. Maybe you listen to country music all the time or you listen once in awhile. This quiz is here to test how well you know the lyrics. The quiz has three sections. 1. You guess the one missing word from a lyric. 2. I give you a line or two from a song and you choose who sang it. 3. I will describe a song and you guess who sang it.

So how well do you know country music? Do you know all the lyrics? Are you a hard core listener or do you listen once in awhile? How well do you know your country lyrics......

Created by: kamookgirl
  1. Fill in the blanks. "No way to disguise the way that she ________, you can't hide beautiful."
  2. "So maybe you could walk with me _______"
  3. "I think the world needs a _______"
  4. "one, two, three, like a bird I _________ ,cause you've given me the most beautiful set of wings"
  5. "I heard it through the grapevine, my new neighbor don't like my _____________."
  6. " whiskey for my men, beer for my________."
  7. Who sang this lyric?" My faith is shaken, but I got to keep trying, got to keep my head held high."
  8. "Some one he could take fishing, throw the football and be his pride and joy."
  9. "this old guitar and my dark sunglasses."
  10. "If you wanna live the good life, better put a girl in it."
  11. okay everyone knows this one. "with gentle hands and a heart of a fighter I'm a survivor."
  12. This one may be tricky. "I've held the hand of the devil, felt his breathe on my skin, dip me into the water, wash me again."
  13. Which artist sang this song. Which new girl sings about spending all night outside with her dad counting the stars and their blessings?
  14. Which group sings about how hard it is being a Dad and staying home and looking after the kids?
  15. Which artist sings about a guy who would give up his wife just so he could go fishing?
  16. Who sings a moving song about a young girl who goes through a surgery?
  17. Which band sings about wanting to be friends, have no strings attached for one night so they can just have a "good time"?
  18. Last question Who sings about nothing more than simply wanting to kiss a girl? :)

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Quiz topic: Do I know my country lyrics?