do you know my favorite song lyrics?

these are some of my fave songs that i apsolutely love most of them are country but i love em especially big green tractor that is my fave of all time yes yes it is so come check out my quiz

do you know the lyrics, title, and artist to these songs lets find out by you comin and taking my quiz what are you waiting for come take the quiz i hope these songs are some that you know

Created by: vampgirl14

  1. ok im goin to say some lyrics to a song you need to finish them-ohhh it breaks my heart,i cried these tears in the dark______________,(address in the stars)
  2. remember when we didn't have nothin,_______(do i)
  3. ill show you love like you dreamed of_________(watch this)
  4. im sorry were acting that way i didnt really mean to make you cry, __________________(why)
  5. i was trying to fly ___________ (crazier)
  6. aint it ashame, ashame that everytime you here my name brought up in a casual conversation__________________________(best days of your life)
  7. you never did give a damn , think honey________, (cold as you)
  8. but you won't take away my ____________(decode)
  9. without a doubt i know now how it ata be____________________(she never cried in front of me)
  10. im your biggest fan ____________(paparazzi)
  11. ok now im going to give you a random lyric and you tellme the song and artist
  12. said we can fired up and i can show you around sit up on the hill and watch the sun go down when the fireflies are dancin and the moon comes out we can turn on the lights and head back to the house
  13. i lied there feeling sorry for myself in a bed of klenex, stuffing choclate in my mouth on the phone with my best friend cussin my ex
  14. i heard the door slam and i couldn't tell if it was just the wind or was she mad again awww hell
  15. i don't think that passenger seat ever looked this good to me , he tells me about his night as i count the colors in his eyes
  16. were driving slow through the snow on 5th avenue and right now radio all that we can hear(this one i dnt kno the artist i just love the song lol)
  17. black dress with the tights underneath, i got the breath of the last cigerate on my teeth
  18. i want a hold em like they do in texas please
  19. ok thats it did you like my quiz

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Quiz topic: Do I know my favorite song lyrics?