How Well Do You Know Song Lyrics

Do you know song lyrics? Okay, here's a better question. How well do you know song lyrics? That's a bit better, isn't it? Of course there are countless songs out there and I... really doubt you know every song in existence... so I picked a few songs to test your knowledge on their lyrics!

Do you think you know song lyrics? Well... do you think you know THESE song lyrics? We will see! These songs are random, so we'll test your knowledge on them! Whether you know the song or not, you may only know your knowledge on these lyrics once you take this quiz! It may be really easy or really hard, I don't know... but let's find out!

Created by: SupaSwag
  1. He's just a ____ boy from a _____ family, spare him his life from this _______
  2. A ____ hides behind a ____ of my disguise, and who I am ____ is worse than other times
  3. _____ through the _____ ____, he chased me and he wouldn't stop. Tag, you're it, Tag, tag, you're it
  4. Tell me I'm an ____, take this to my _____, tell me I'm a bad ____, kick me like a stray
  5. Well they ______ your complete ______, send you roses when they think you need to _____
  6. She said "at _____ in my ______, you dance on a tightrope of ______"
  7. Black Beatles in the _____, be back ______ to confiscate the _____
  8. It's getting ____, I'm making my way _____ to my favorite _____
  9. Am I the ____ one I know, waging my _____ behind my face and above my _____
  10. She wants me at the _____! She wants me at the ______! She wants me in a ______ stall!
  11. Baby, take control of the _____, other ______ can join us, if you're feeling like you wanna play _____
  12. You can _____ it's meant to be, but you _____ stay away from ____
  13. All I need's a little ____ in my life, all I need's a little _____ in the _____

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