--*--It's One Direction Lyrics Time--*--

Song lyrics are more than just words to a song. The lyrics are that catchy tune stuck in your head, straight spoken from the heart of the singer. This quiz is about the lyrics of my idols, One Direction. ^^

I'm One Direction's biggest fan, the #1 Directioner. And I have a quiz for you. But its not like easy stuff (What makes you beautiful, One thing) No, it's the less popular and amaZAYN songs! Enjoy! ^^ Oh yeah and DON'T LOOK UP THE LYRICS!

Created by: Directioner42
  1. This one is for the boys in the boomer system
  2. And I would bet you turned it on for everyone you met
  3. Say that I hate her song, and then I go request it all night long
  4. We made a start, bein' a false one I know. Baby I don't want to feel alone. (This is my song it describes me)
  5. Sneaks out in the middle of the night yeah, tight dress with the top cut looow.
  6. I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes, when you smile you never loved your stomach or your thighs
  7. Your friend all talkin bout me, they say I got no chance at all. Your fire is burning deep in my soul, my soul, my soooul.
  8. Got your voice in my head, sayin "lets just be friends". Cant believe the words come out of your mouth, yeah. Im tryna be ok, Im tryna be alright
  9. Straight on a plane to the new hotel.....Just touched down, you can never tell.
  10. Yeah...I been watchin you all night! There's somethin' in your eyes...Sayin' come on come on and dance with me baby.
  11. The roof was pretty windy and she didn't say a word. Party dyin' downstairs, got nothin left to do. Just me, her, and the moon.
  12. I been thinkin bout the nights and the dangerous tricks. People play on the eyes of the innocent.
  13. Lately I've found myself thinkin, been dreamin about you a lot. And up in my head I'm your boyfriend. But that's one thing you've already got
  14. I'm broken, do you hear me. I'm blinding. Cause you are everything I see. I'm dancing alone. I'm prayin that your heart will just turn around

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