Which singer's lyrics (in this list) are best to you?

Hey what's up this is my third quiz as you can see it took me soooo long! and well um, it's to show you which artist's song lyrics you like better (out of the artists I picked) and well um, I made a mistake in the name, it's actually called "Which artist's lyrics (in this list) do you like better?" okay? thanks! Oh and a HUGE thank you to my friend Randal for helping me with it!

Oh and if you want to know which song these lyrics are from, just comment on the question number, and which answer or just type in the lyrics lol so um don't be afraid to ask, and check back to my quiz comments to see if I replied to you with the song name lol I will reply to you in under 2 days, if not, comment again and I'll get back to you for sure!

Created by: Carri04
  1. Alright, here's the deal, I'm gonna list a whole buncha lyrics and you're gonna chose the one you like and this is for ALL of the questions ok? (no effect for this question, just warning ya)
  2. Choose one
  3. Chose one (again)
  4. Chose another one
  5. Again you gotta chose another one
  6. Just chose another one
  7. Just choose another one okay?
  8. Choose another one please
  9. Chose another one, it will be over soon
  10. Choose.Another.One.
  11. (No Effect) Almost done the quiz, bear with me okay?
  12. Chose one
  13. Almost done just a few more, um chose one
  14. This is the last time I'm asking this, choose one
  15. Done! (no effect)
  16. Bye! (no effect again)

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