Do You Like Christmas?

Santa's already writing his Good/Bad list of all the people for 2008.. Do you love Christmas? Will you make it onto Santa's good list? Or will you be at the bottom on his bad list? Well this will be the quiz that decides it for you, It'll be sent to Santa (Of course it will!) straight away! So make sure you get on that good list!

Do you have the good ol' Christmas spirit to get yourself onto Santa's good list? Don't spoil the fun for others and end up on Santa's bad list this year! Go hang up some Christmas decorations, Cook that Christmas dinner and enjoy Christmas instead of shouting out 'I HATE CHRISTMAS!!' outside of your house like a mad person.

Created by: Stacy
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  1. Your friend wants to go and so some Christmas shopping with you, But it's WAY too cold outside but you don't want to hurt your friend's feelings you..
  2. You want to decorate your bedroom but don't have any money for some decorations, You..
  3. What is the best thing about Christmas?
  4. What type of music do you listen to at Christmas?
  5. You gave your friend a present but didn't receive one back, You..
  6. You get into bed and tomorrow is Christmas you're feeling..
  7. You open a present that you don't like, You react by..
  8. One of your friends shout out 'I hate Christmas, What is the purpose of it?' You react by..
  9. Your little brother/sister (If you don't have one, Pretend you do!) breaks your present which is made of glass, You..
  10. What is your favorite Christmas Character?

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Quiz topic: Do I Like Christmas?