How well do you know A Christmas Story?

A Christmas Story Quiz. Yep you read it right. There is a 24 hour marathon on every Christmas Eve and up until now all you've done is turn it on and catch a few lines here and there....and you call yourself a fan.

Let's see how big of a fan you really are. I have complied a few questions that will test the true depth of your Christmas Story knowledge. Will you have what it takes to make the it to the top of the rankings?

Created by: Timber of Timber
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  1. What was the name of the villian that Ralphie protects his family from in his day dream?
  2. What color does Ralphie say the bully's eyes are?
  3. What special gift does Ralphie's Aunt Clara give him for Christmas?
  4. What does Ralphie's family eat when their Christmas dinner is eaten by the neighbors dog?
  5. The character Flick sticks his tongue to a pole after his friend.....
  6. Ralphie's mom puts soap in his mouth because he said what cuss word?
  7. What kind of lamp did " The Old Man" win for his " major award"?
  8. Ralphie cracked the code with his secret decoder ring and received what message?
  9. What does Santa suggest as a gift for Ralphie after his mind goes blank?
  10. What does Ralphie dream will happen to him before he turns 21 as a result of soap poisoning?
  11. What does Ralphie bring his teacher for Christmas
  12. What brand of gun does Ralphie want?
  13. What was the name of the Lone Ranger's nephews horse?
  14. According to Ralphie, what was getting Randy ready for school like preparing for?
  15. What kind of car does the " Old Man" drive?
  16. What grade does Ralphie's teacher give him on his theme paper?
  17. What was the last name os Ralphie's hillbilly neighbors?
  18. What animal does Ralphie's mom get Randy to eat like?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know A Christmas Story?