A Christmas Story

So this is a quiz I decided to make in light of the holiday season. It has almost 30 qestions reguarding the movie "A Christmas Story". My favorite Christmas time movie.

Are you A Christmas Story know-it-all? Set aside a few minutes and take my quiz to find out. I wish you well and good luck! "I could feel the Christmas noose beginning to tighten." :^)

Created by: Danielle
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  1. What is the name of the villain that Ralphie protects his family from in his day dream?
  2. What color does Ralfie say the bully's eyes are?
  3. What special gift does Ralphie's Aunt Clara give him for Christmas?
  4. What does Ralphie's family eat when their Christmas dinner is eaten by the neighbors dogs?
  5. The character Flick sticks his tounge to a pole after his friend...
  6. Ralphie's mom puts a block of soap in his mouth because he said what cuss word?
  7. What kind of lamp did "The Old Man" win for his "major award"?
  8. Ralphie cracked the code with his secret decoder ring and recieved what message?
  9. What does Santa suggest as a gift for Ralph after his mind went blank?
  10. What language does Mr. Parker think 'Fragile' was?
  11. What does Ralphie dream will happen to him before he turns 21 as a result of soap poisoning?
  12. What does Ralphie bring his teacher for Christmas?
  13. What was the mother doing when the lamp broke?
  14. Who does Ralphie say taught him the F-word?
  15. Which Restarunt did the Parkers eat at for Christmas?
  16. What was Randy's only defense agains Scut Farkus?
  17. What kind of car does the "Old Man" drive?
  18. According to Ralph, what was getting Randy ready for school like preparing for?
  19. What grade did Ralphie's school teacher give him for his Theme Paper?
  20. How many minutes does it take Ralphie's dad to change a tire?
  21. What is the brand of the gun Ralphie wants?
  22. Ralphie conciders himslelf a connossieur of soap, which brand does he dislike?
  23. What is the last name of the hillbilly neighbors?
  24. When did the movie take place?
  25. What book was the movie based on?
  26. What was the name of the Lone Ranger's nephew's horse?

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