Which Christmas Carol Are YOU???

Christmas! The time of snow, presents and spreading the Christmas love! Everyone likes singing a good classic Christmas song, they make the world a better place every festive season!

Are YOU a child at heart when it comes to Christmas, or do you only like it because of the opportunities under the mistletoe? Which Christmas song reflects your festive nature? Now's your chance to find out!

Created by: jade
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  1. When do you usually decorate your tree?
  2. Whats the best thing about Christmas?
  3. When did you stop believing in santa?
  4. Presents are designed for....
  5. What do you listen to during the festive season?
  6. Who's your top present likely to be from?
  7. What should go on the top of the tree?
  8. When you think of Christmas, you immediately think of....
  9. Which colour do you most associate with Christmas?
  10. What is you fave Christmas food?

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Quiz topic: Which Christmas Carol am I???