How much Holiday spirit do you have?

If you want to know how much Christmas spirit you have please take this quiz. You will love it. And if you hate Christmas so much you might not even take it.

But if you take it and you dont like christmas maybe somewhere deep down inside of you their is a christmas spirit candle waiting to be light and come out.

Created by: Aurelia
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  1. On Christmas morning do you wake up really early to see what you got for Christmas or do you say NOOO I hate Christmas why do you do this to me?
  2. Do you beleive in santa clause or not?
  3. Do you decorate your room and house for Christmas?
  4. Do you even celebrate Christmas!
  5. Do you like snow?
  6. Do you celebrate Christmas for the gifts or do you celebrate to be with family ?
  7. Do you like Christmas caroling?
  8. Are you thinking about Christmas right now?
  9. Do you know what christmas is?
  10. Do you like this quiz? ( does not have any affect)

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Quiz topic: How much Holiday spirit do I have?