What Kind of Holiday Retail Clerk are You?

There are many types of clerks in the world, but none so brave and put upon as the Holiday Retail Clerk. We've all been there, in the trenches with the long hours and even longer lines.

What Kind of Holiday Retail Clerk are you? Are you a hard working Elf, or a put upon Reindeer? Do you revel in the Holidays, or wretch at the sound of Jingle Bells? Take this Quiz to find out!

Created by: princessmatilda
  1. When you hear the Holiday Song "Deck The Halls" your first thought is
  2. A very loud and pushy customer is trying to return an obviously used item without a receipt, despite the posted store policy. Your response is...
  3. A customer with a large stroller (and no baby in it) has just knocked down a display. Your reaction
  4. It's closing time on Christmas Eve and you've already dropped your gate. A frantic shopper comes to your door begging to be let in because he only needs to buy one things for his wife. do you let him in?
  5. Your favorite Holiday Song is
  6. The Day After Christmas means...
  7. True or False: The true meaning of Christmas has been replaced by merchandising and greed.
  8. For your Holiday Part-Time job you would rather work
  9. Should Children Be allowed in the Mall during the Holidays?
  10. You have a long line of cranky customers who have been waiting a long time. there is only one other cashier on and it is time for your well deserved break. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Holiday Retail Clerk am I?