J-Holiday Fan Questions

People all over the world loves J-Holiday and listen to his music. But just how much of a fan are you? J-Holiday would like to know how much YOU know about him, take his quiz and prove a point!

Are you a TRUE fan of J-Holiday? Think you can beat the rest of his fans in this J-Holiday trivia? Well, what are you waiting for? Come on and prove that you are worthy...

Created by: Nicholas
  1. Who produced his hit single "Bed"?
  2. What BET award was J. Holiday nominated for in 2008?
  3. Is J. Holiday's mother a...
  4. What legendary R&B artist did he tour with in 2007?
  5. What was the name of trio he formed before becoming a solo act?
  6. Who is J. Holiday's musical idol?
  7. Who is J. Holiday's favorite female singer of all time?
  8. Does J. Holiday typically write his songs on the road or at home?
  9. What fellow R&B star is J. Holiday currently touring with?
  10. What was the name of J. Holiday's first single?
  11. What date did J. Holiday release his debut CD "Back of My Lac"?
  12. Is J. Holiday left handed or right handed?
  13. Does J. Holiday have a son or a daughter?
  14. How many tattoos does J. Holiday have?

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