St. Patricks Day Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge on the History of St. Patrick's Day. Test to see how much you truly know. You might just know everything about this holiday, and where it originated from.

Do you know a lot about the History of St. Patrick's Day? Do you know the past of this holiday? Thanks to this quiz you can test your knowledge on the holiday of St. Patrick's Day?

Created by: Chad
  1. What country is most associated with St. Patrick's Day?
  2. Where was the Patron Saint of Ireland born?
  3. On St. Patrick's day what do you kiss to get "persuasive eloquence"?
  4. Where might you find a "pot of gold"
  5. Who lives in the "hole of a tree?"
  6. How many petals does the "lucky" clover have?
  7. Some of the most popular Irish attractions include:
  8. According to the legend, one of St. Patrick's great feats was:
  9. What happened to the young 16-year old Patrick that forever changed his life?
  10. St. Patrick's Day on March 17th celebrates what anniversary?

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