The Christmas Test

There Are Lots Of People Who Know Everything About Christmas. But A Few True Geniuses. But What is Christmas Actually? A Holiday That A Million People Celebrate For A Lifetime Of Gifts. Do You Know What i Mean?

But Are YOU Smart Enough To Pass The Christmas Test? Do you have the brainpower to Notify All The Answers? But Suddenly You Could Only Wonder. But Thanks To This Wonderful Quiz, in Just a Few Minutes You Will Find Out!

Created by: Felicia Voyage
  1. Christmas Is A Holiday About What?
  2. Santa's Date Of Giving Out Presents is...
  3. What Kind Of Tree Do They Use To Celebrate Christmas?
  4. What is Santas Way Of Getting inside The House?
  5. Which Of One Of The Songs Are Used For A Christmas Holiday? (Some Answers Doesn't Make Sense)
  6. Which Country Mostly Celebrates Christmas?
  7. Santa Doesn't Like...
  8. Santa Likes Giving Presents To... (Lifetime Age)
  9. What Do Animals Do if Christmas is Here?
  10. What Time Of Day Santa Comes Dropping Off Gifts?

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