Do You REALLY KNOW The Nightmare Before Christmas?

In October 1993, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" opened up in theaters, and it was a smash hit since then, receiving much praise. This movie features amazing stop-motion visuals, as well as spectacular music by Oingo Boingo frontman Danny Elfman.

How well do you know "The Nightmare Before Christmas"? "Well, I'd say, it's time you'd begun!" And if you happen to fail, "try again, don't give up!"

Created by: Beatellicle
  1. What is the first song in "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?
  2. Who has "teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red"?
  3. Who provides the speaking and singing voices (in that order) for Jack Skellington?
  4. What does Jack sing about in "Jack's Lament"?
  5. What does Sally put in Dr. Finklestein's soup to put him to sleep?
  6. Who provided the voice for Dr. Finklestein?
  7. What does the saxophone player in the band call Jack as he's walking towards the graveyard?
  8. How does Jack find Christmas Town?
  9. What do the Halloween Townspeople call Santa Claus?
  10. Who does Jack "call for specifically by name"?
  11. What does Jack want the person or people in question 10 to do?
  12. Who provides the voices for Lock, Shock, and Barrel (in that order)?
  13. Who do Lock, Shock, and Barrel kidnap instead of Santa?
  14. What colors do Lock, Shock, and Barrel say that Jack will beat them if they "blow Santa up to smithereens"?
  15. What is Lock, Shock, and Barrel's mode of transportation?
  16. What does Jack take from Santa when he is finally nabbed and taken to Halloween Town?
  17. Where is Santa then taken?
  18. Who or what is Oogie Boogie?
  19. Who voices Oogie Boogie?
  20. What does Sally pour to get Jack to stay in Halloween Town, and not fly off to deliver presents?
  21. Who guides Jack's sleigh?
  22. What does Sally sing about in "Sally's Song"?
  23. What presents does Jack deliver?
  24. What does Jack say after he's been shot down from the sky?
  25. What does Jack sing about in "Poor Jack"?
  26. Who else does Oogie capture?
  27. What are Oogie's last words?
  28. What does Jack realize?
  29. Where does Sally go during the last song?
  30. What is the last line in the movie? (Hint: Jack and Sally both sing it.)

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY KNOW The Nightmare Before Christmas?