Ultimate Zombie Survival Quiz

The News Flashes On and The Head Line "The Dead Walk," but do You Know What to do? Do You Know how to Survive the Nightmare? Then Prove it With This Quiz!

Can you survive the nightmare? Can you be one of the who knows how many number of humans left after the virus has spread? Lets see if you can. Step Right up and try it out and find the answer today!

Created by: Sang
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  1. What virus causes people to become zombies?
  2. How do you kill a zombie?
  3. How long does it take for a human to become a zombie?
  4. How does the Virus/Bacteria spread
  5. How strong is a zombie's sight?
  6. How strong is a zombie's hearing?
  7. How Strong is a Zombie's Sense of Smell?
  8. How Strong is a Zombie's Sense of Touch?
  9. How Long Does a Zombie Live Before it Decomposes?
  10. Do Zombies Breathe?
  11. How Strong are Zombies?
  12. How Much Stamina do Zombies Possess?
  13. How Fast are Zombies?
  14. Do Zombies Remember Anything of Their Former Lives?
  15. If a Zombie has Been Killed With a Shot to the Head How Long Does it Take Until the Virus Dies?
  16. How Much Can You Lift?
  17. What type of Martial Arts do You Want To Know During a Zombie Uprising?
  18. What is The Best Bludgeon Weapon When Fighting a Zombie?
  19. What is The Best Edged Weapon During a Zombie Uprising?
  20. What is the Best Mis. Weapon to Use During a Zombie Uprising?
  21. What is the Best Gun to Use During a Zombie Uprising?
  22. What is the best Armor During a Zombie Uprising?
  23. How Long is Your Hair?
  24. Do You Have a Plan if a Zombie Uprsiing Happens?
  25. If You Are in a Home and Zombies are Surrounding Your Home What do You Need the Most?
  26. Where Should You Never Go When an Outbreak Happens?
  27. What is the Best vehicle to Use During an Outbreak?
  28. What is The Best Terrain to go to During an Outbreak?
  29. What is the Best Aircraft to Escape in During a Outbreak?
  30. What is the Best Water Craft to Escape in During an Outbreak?
  31. Do You Have an Items List For a Outbreak?
  32. Do you Have a Zombie Survival Guide?
  33. Do You Have Any Weapons in Your Possession?
  34. How Large of a Party Would You Travel in?
  35. Do You Know How to Barricade a Building?
  36. Do you Know a Martial Art
  37. How Long Can You Stay Awake?
  38. Have you Had Any Weapon's Training?
  39. Can You Take on a Role of Being a Leader?
  40. Are You Experienced With Medical Devices and Treatments
  41. If a Zombies Head is Severed From the Body is it Still Alive?
  42. Can you Clean, Shoot, and Mount a Gun?
  43. Is Fire a Good Weapon Against Zombies?
  44. If your Friend or Family Member is Infected Could You Kill Them?
  45. Can you Pilot Aircraft and Watercraft
  46. Do You Have a Party Ready if a Outbreak Happens?
  47. If you Become Infected What do You do?
  48. Do You Know How to Make or Get Explosives?

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