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  • 67% Yeah right... let me guess, text book material... Max is assuming a lot of things. I served multiple over sea tours, two combat engagements with the 21st mobile infantry unit, 2nd F.S.S.G. out of Camp lejuene N.C. I still grab my gun when one of my two rots perks up in the middle of the night. I know for fact. Try the "Zombie Survival Horoscope". It's not a will you survive type quiz, but a what kind of a survivor you would be. Otherwords your test was fun but text book... which any one fimiliar with Murphy's law will have the best chances.

  • i am 67 percent too!

  • im 57 :(

  • hehe! im zombie food, wait thats not good..........

    Aero_blade 2

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