Zombie Survival Quiz

The dead reanimated... ZOMBIES! Could you survive, and who are you most like??!! What role would you play in survival? Its a quiz that you gotta love, its a real laugh - there are a few jokes you may not get unless you love zombie films!

Barbra - shes stupid and panicky. (Night of the Living Dead - a must watch) Ben - a leader, satys calm, can think well on his feet. (Night of the Living Dead) Then the others but to be honest its too much effort to write about them, and well i have explained them in the results page.. enjoy my quiz

Created by: Cei of Myspace
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If chased by zombie you would?
  2. When entering a house you would..
  3. In a mall you would...
  4. Object of choice?
  5. Have you used a fire-arm
  6. Fire-arm of choice...
  7. Have you got good leader-ship skills? (1 lowest 5 highest)
  8. If you saw somebody being attacked by a pack of zombies you would...
  9. Would you speak up against colleagues acting irrationally?
  10. Would you fight 'till the death
  11. Can you make a a molotov cocktail?

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