The Zombie Field Test Quiz

You've scoured the net and searched for the pen-ultimate zombie quiz, only to be disappointed again and again. What is one supposed to do in a zombie outbreak and how could you even tell how well you would do impromptu?

That never ending question will never truly be answered, but at least through this quiz, you may have a better understanding on how you would fare in a world of undeath.

Created by: XCEL
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  1. Scenario 1: There is an nondescript zombie 10 feet ahead of you. You have a gun with 6 bullets currently loaded as well as a combat knife and a crowbar.
  2. Scenario 2: A group of defenseless children locked themselves in a room besieged by 30 zombies. You are armed with a shotgun and a Molotov.
  3. Scenario 3: You must reinforce a 2-story building w/basement. Where will you store your food and weapons?
  4. Scenario 4: You must cross a highway littered with car wrecks and fresh corpses ready to feast.
  5. Scenario 5: When searching for survivors, you find a woman curled in a blanket on a sofa, apparently asleep.
  6. Background Question 1: Have you ever had any experience shooting a gun?
  7. Background Question 2: Have you ever killed anything?
  8. Practical Question 1: When is fire a good weapon against zombies?
  9. Practical Question 2: The best kind of snacks during a zombie outbreak is:
  10. Morality Question: Will you kill another living survivor, even a close and personal friend, to save yourself?
  11. Last Question: You have been bitten.

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