the ultimate zombie survival test

could you survive a zombie outbreak??? many people say they can test your zombie knoweledge take it now take it now you loser do it you no you want to just freakin do it

i bet you cant last 30 minutes in a zombie outbreak. wat do you think. try it! now! aeiou aeiou i like milk im makin stuff up cuz it makes me lalala blah ajd

Created by: Tyler #88
  1. You're at work/school and someone says turn on the news theres a zombie outbreak.What do you do
  2. how often do you work out
  3. are you a fast runner
  4. which weapon sounds best in a zombie outbreak
  5. which vehicle?
  6. your friend gets cornered by 4 zombies you have 2 shots left... what do you do
  7. if you could only carry 3 things what would they be
  8. how many people would you have in your group
  9. what size town do you live in
  10. have you ever seen someone die
  11. what sounds like the best place to hide
  12. what is the best way to kill a zombie

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