How well do you know African Animals

This quiz is to test your knowledge on the field that was just taken. Each question will be something that was talked about during the field trip! You can even try taking it before the Field trip and Then after to see the difference in what you learned.

Have you ever wanted to visit Africa well due to this virtual field trip you can and by taking this quiz it will show you how much you really know about the animals.

Created by: Kimberly of Africa
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  1. Which animal is the second fastest runner?
  2. Where is Africa Located?
  3. Which animal is known as the King of the Jungle?
  4. Name an Animal who's neck is 500 pounds?
  5. Who's ill tempered?
  6. Which animal is known as the swift one?
  7. Who's nose has no bones?
  8. Which animal has large teeth to grind and chop grass?
  9. Who lives in the savanna?
  10. Which animal prefers the woody vegetation?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know African Animals