Could you be santa's little helper????

Christmas is a time of cheer but one man is busy all year. Making toys for girls and boys but sometimes he has to much work and needs a helping hand so lets see if you have what it takes to fit in perfectly with his team of hard working elves.

See how nice you are at christmas and if you understand what christmas is all about you don't just need to be nice and smiley you need to be like an elf and be able to live in the harsh wasteland of the north pole.

Created by: A random person
  1. Do you brush your teeth regulary???
  2. How tall are you??? (to the nearest answer)
  3. Do you like green?
  4. Do you share?
  5. Do you enjoy fixing things?? eg. toys
  6. Do you like kids???
  7. If you stayed up all night delivering toys how would you feel the next day?
  8. Would you be seen in a silly santa/elf hat???
  9. Do you like horses and reindeer?
  10. Do you like cold snow?

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