Newbie Helper Quiz Remake

Not everyone can be a Newbie Helper. It takes someone specail. Someone who cares and doesn't easily get annoyed. Could you be one of those people? We'd love it if you could!

So you think you're ready to help newbies find their way around the site? You really think you know enough to? Come take the quiz and see if you can pass!

Created by: Jacqueline (#267889)
  1. How long have you played Furry-Paws?
  2. SEF stands for...
  3. Which isn't and FP dog sport?
  4. Which is NOT a way to get FPP?
  5. What is NOT a perk of becomign elite? (either someting they don't get or you already have as a basic)
  6. Which is not a real FP dog toy?
  7. How many serving of treats does it take to take a dog from it's hungriest state to full?
  8. Who is the creator of FP?
  9. How do you sport train a dog?
  10. What MUST your dog be to be entered in a tracking show?

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