Master chief? or a newbie?

Many people love to play video games. Can you play the game halo? If you are an expert, good for you. If not, too bad! Let's check your brain for the information of the awesome game of halo! Hopefully you score high! Let's hope so.

Are you an expert? Or are you a newbie? Let us find out soon enough!Please take the quiz to find out. This test isn't fairly hard. That's if you do play the game halo. If not, good luck failing my easy test! Hahahaha!

Created by: mikester
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  1. You have a smg and a shotgun. The flood are coming at you and the littles spiders are coming too! Which gun do you use?
  2. The elite come and your comrades are dead. Here are your choices to own them.
  3. Kortana says to kill your comrades.. wat do u do?
  4. What is the best wep on the game halo?
  5. Master chief has another name... wat is it?
  6. Which is better? the tank, warthog, ghost, or a banshee?
  7. How many times have you died on legendary level of difficulty?
  8. How many grenades are in the game?
  9. Can you tell the difference between a dead guy and someone thats alive?
  10. Are you scared of anything on halo?

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