How well do you know santa claus

there are many peple who know about santa claus this quiz is to determine how much you know about him if if you dontknow who he is he is a guy who comes once a year and gives kids presents

how well do you know santa do you know enough about him in just a matter of seconds you will find out gooood luck i hope you have a good time taking my quiz

Created by: santa man123
  1. What is santas laugh
  2. what color is his nose
  3. does he have glasses
  4. how does he get in your house
  5. Where does he put your presents
  6. how many reindeer does he have
  7. What month does he come
  8. what day does he come
  9. what color hat does he where
  10. what color suit does he where
  11. what should you leave santa
  12. what does santa give you
  13. how does he transport around
  14. what was his first name
  15. Where does he live
  16. what is the name of the city
  17. What does he say when he leaves your city
  18. On Christmas night what do kids dream of
  19. What are elves
  20. What does santa do on christmas day

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Quiz topic: How well do I know santa claus