Do You Know the Lyrics?

Everyone loves music, but do you love it enough to have the ability to pass this quiz? Do you know the lyrics... or do you know squat about the lyrics to these songs? (Song titles will be in the closing paragraph)

Take this quiz to find out if your knowledge of lyrics is as good as you think it is... you can't possibly go wrong with a lyrics quiz... right? NO CHEATING! Don't surrender your integrity by searching the lyrics on Google, see what you really know!

Created by: redrocker22
  1. Insisions must be made, you could help solve this case/
  2. Maybe I'm wrong, you decide,
  3. This is not what I intended,
  4. How many inches in a mile,
  5. I wanna get back to the old days, when the phone would ring
  6. Spider Murphey played the tenor saxaphone
  7. I'm counting the days since I began to live without you
  8. Try to run, but I keep on
  9. She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts,
  10. She turns on TV, guess who she sees
  11. Growing up, Looking out,

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Quiz topic: Do I Know the Lyrics?