Which Metallica song is that?

There are many Metallica fans in the world but do they all know the lyrics to each song. Test your metalliknowledge and see how many songs you actually know.

Are you a metallifreak? Do you have Metallica running through your veins? Turn the stereo off, put your mp3 player, ipods, and what not away, and ride the lightning.

Created by: cheryle of themetallicalounge
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  1. And satisfaction this way comes
  2. Life is for my own to live my own way
  3. The slave becomes the master
  4. The fist of terrors breaking through
  5. f--- it all and no regrets
  6. Wild blood in my veins
  7. Send me money, send me green
  8. By myself but not alone
  9. I am the beast that feeds the feast
  10. Do as I say not as I do
  11. Chained and shadowed to be left behind
  12. What doesn't kill ya make ya more strong
  13. God it feels like it only rains on me
  14. So take this world and shake it
  15. Dance, little tin goddess
  16. Cause we are Metallica

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