What Song Are You?

A song can say a lot about a person. Just by a person's favourite song you could tell what kind of mood they're in. Whether they are hopelessly in love, happy or sad its easy to tell. Whether you are happy or sad there's a song for everyone. This quiz will help you find a song that would suit your personality =)

So do YOU know what song you are? Are you long way 2 go-Cassie or Love story-Taylor Swift this quiz will tell you so lets not waste time or dilly or dally lets find out with this quiz xx.

Created by: pretty filipinaxx
  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. What are you most likely be found doing at a party?
  3. How many bfs or gfs have you had?
  4. Favourite thing to do?
  5. Hair type?
  6. Choose a word
  7. Choose an animal/s.
  8. Favourite movie outta these?
  9. Favourite occupation?
  10. Favourite object?

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Quiz topic: What Song am I?