A Beachy Summer

I have nothing to put here so I'll just sing. The song is called Glorious. You know i'm back, like i never left. Another sprint. Another step. another day. another breath. been chasing dreams, but i never slept!

I got a new attitude and a lease on life. and a peace of mind. seek and i find i can sleep when i die. want a pice of the pie, grab the keys to the ride! BYE!!

Created by: ElizabethAdams
  1. Ok so before i start, let me introduce the character. You’ll be playing as Penelope Malcolm, a freshman in Highschool who has just moved to Coronado, California with her mother and two younger siblings, Luke and Markas. I hope you enjoy the quizzz. Also, P.S. there’s going to be lots f time spent t the beach. YAY!
  2. You sat on your bed with a small picture held in your hands. You smiled at all the happy faces of family and friends that you saw. You let out a deep sigh and said to yourself. “I wish we could just go back to Boston.” Your mom had moved you and your two younger brothers to Coronado after thy father had died because that was where most of her family lived. You missed your father very much but you knew he was in a good place. “Penny!” Your mother called from downstairs. “Time for dinner!” “Coming!” You responded before hoping out of your bed and running down to the small dining room. The smell of orange chicken filled your nostrils. “Mmmm, that smells good mum.” You said as you sat down between your brothers. “Thanks, Pens.” Your mother smiled, setting the food down on the table.
  3. You quickly helped Markas scoop food onto his plate while your mom helped Luke then scooped your own food and dug in. (Imma skip the rest of dinner) after dinner you sat with Markas and Luke as they watched one of their favorite shows.....Liv And Maddie. “A weird show for boys to like.” You thought to yourself as the two started to sing along as the character, liv, started to sing “You and Me and the Beat”. The boys were totally off key but you enjoyed the little show a lot and clapped at then end. “Thanks Penny.” Luke said happily as he danced around you his small round face bright with cheeriness. Markas just danced along with Luke. Before you knew it it was time for you to go to bed in your new house. You tucked in your brothers then hunkered over to your bedroom and collapsed onto your bed. “Man....i wonder what summer’s going to be like?” And with that your eyes fluttered closed and you were sound asleep.
  4. The next morning was the beginning of your first summer in Coronado. Your mother had woken you early so that you could get dressed and head over to your aunt and uncle’s house for a Randolph (your mother’s maiden name) family reunion. What do you choose to wear....?
  5. You hopped into the car and drove down to your aunt and uncle’s house. You stopped outside of their yard and you looked out the window, scouring the ground for your favorite cousin, Nancy. When you finally spotted her and hurled yourself out of the car and stumbled over to her to wrap her in a hug. She was two years older than you, being sixteen, and had dark brown hair and gray eyes. You guys laughed as you pulled apart and gripped your sides. “I missed you Pens.” Nancy cried as you guys stopped your fits of laughter. “Me too, Nanc.” You sighed as the two of you headed towards the house. “Oh hey, my brothers are inside, wanna go say hi?” Nancy asked. You nodded your head and looked forward to see your cousins after a long time you’ve been away. When the two of you entered the house you were bombarded by a sea of boys as they all tackled each other to get to you first. The first one to reach you was the youngest of your mom’s oldest sister and he hugged you round the leg while the second kid grabbed the other one and the next grabbed your waist, another grabbed your right arm, the next grabbed your left arm and then the oldest boy of grabbed your head and gave you a noogie.
  6. “Guys! Let go of Penny, you’re gonna kill her!” Nancy hollered as she tried to pry your cousins off of you. Finally they let go and you toppled over landing on your face. “Mmmm.” You moaned as you sat up. “When did this family become so full of boys?” What you said caused everyone to break out in laughter and you all stood there for about a few minutes laughing your heads off before heading towards the game room. “I missed you guys.” You said setting your arm on Jeremy’s, the cousin the same age as you, shoulder and the other arm on your cousin, Benji’s, the eleven year old, Head and had them carry you over there. “We missed you too Penelope.” The oldest of the bunch, Calic, said with a smile.
  7. You and your cousins sat in the game room playing several different games, like Monopoly, The Game Life, Minecraft, and tag. You played Minecraft with Lois, Mickey, and Nancy. You built a huge house with Lois and Mickey and Nancy built one together. “Hah!” You yelled excitedly jumping in the air. “Our’s is bigger!” You laughed making a silly dance. “Hey can we join?” You heard Luke ask from the doorway. You turned to see him holding Markas’s hand and nodded your head. “Yah, c’mon.” You said walking over to them and taking Luke’s hand and walking him over to the tv you and the others were playing on.
  8. Luke then went over to play The Game of Life with the others and you let Markas sit on your lap while you continued to play Minecraft. Soon it was time for dinner so you and the others trampled downstairs and plopped down at the table. You smelled spaghetti and waited patiently for it to come. Finally everyone had their food and ate while having conversations. "Hey Pens," Nancy said from across the table to you. "Since we haven't seen each other in a while, do you have like....i dunno, a boyfriend?" Your eyes widened but yo shook your head. "Nah, boys are just a waste of time." You said skeptically.
  9. After dinner and your embarrassing talk with Nancy, you and the other girl cousins (there are only four, you, Nancy, Taylor, and Jocie) headed towards Nancy and Taylor's room and sat on their beds and talked. Nancy and Taylor were twins and Jocie was your mom's younger brother's oldest child at the age of twelve. You guys talked about different things and caught up with one another. You missed your cousins a lot and didn't even notice until now!
  10. When it was time to go home, your cousins all piled on top of you to say goodbye. You laughed at them before leaving. "Hey, Penny!" Nancy called to you. "Yah!" "You should come over next week, i wanna introduce you to my friends!" Your face lit up and you called back. "Sure, see you then!" And with that, your mom drove off. Your mind was full of so many wonderful things. But you didn't know that the next day would bring a few unlikely surprises.
  11. THE END! Ill have another one coming soon! I hope you enjoyed this! Please comment and tell me what ya thought about it!

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