Wings of Fire: The Imposter: (Boys Only) Part 2 Best Ever!

Part 2 is out!! You ready for action, betrayal, and adventure. Plus a little sing along with the imposter! This is like among us. Just WOF love story version.

Sing along song is Queen of Mean. I hope you like this. PICHTURES DO NOT BELONG TI ME. No bad comments as usual. Ummmm my story making is getting better, so yay!

Created by: Liberty Christianity

  1. Ember-Hi guys, before we start I need to go over a few things. We need a recap. Anyway you join Jade Mountain Academy. You have 6 girls after you, and there’s a dark prophecy. Meanwhile Stormheart has been brainwashed. Who is the imposter, sorry if I spoiled everything part 1. IM SORRY! This is among us now. BTW did you take part 1? Don’t be lying!
  2. You went to check on Stormheart and you find her on the ground unconscious. You shake her violently, and see her eyelids flutter open. “Oooh my prince, thank youuuu, I must get my jewelry and my beautiful makeup, come dear, be with me I you.” Stormheart said.
  3. You take Stormheart to Orleander/Lorri. Orleander looks at Stormheart with alarm in her eyes. “Did she hit her head? She’s never I repeat NEVER this nice. (Name) leave now! I got to do something.” “Ok” Lorri brings Stormheart in a dark room. “I enchant this dragon to be the way before she was this nice.”
  4. Stormheart gasped and instantly woke up. “Nightshade!” You looked at Orleander with a surprised expression. “Plzzz don’t say anything (Name) I’m begging you. Promise you won’t tell anybody. PROMISE ME!” “Ok but how, when, what?” You tried speaking but kept stuttering. “This is all sweet and all, but we have to save the world from CERTAIN DOOM!” Said Stormheart.
  5. Ember-hi guys sorry to do this to you, not really. Ok Nightshade is looking for the ultimate gift far more powerful animus. She’s going on a quest. To find the lost crown of Villians. And she is going to sing a song called: queen of Mean from Descendants 3. I’ll have a skip button for you.
  6. -up in the mountains- Nightshade-🎵I’m so tired of pretending, where’s my happy ending? I followed all the rules, I drew inside the lines, I never asked for anything that wasn’t mine, I waited patiently for my time. But when it finally came. You called her name. And now I feel this overwhelming pain. I mean it’s my veins, I mean it’s in my brain. My thoughts are running in a circle like a toy train. I’m kinda like a perfect picture with a broken frame. I know exactly who to blame! I never thought as myself as mean. I always thought that I’d be the queen. And there’s no in between. Cause if I can’t have that, then I will be the leader of the dark and the bad. Now there’s a devil on the shoulder where the angel used to be. And it’s calling me the queen of mean.🎵
  7. “Nightshade’s the imposter? I don’t believe it!” Said Emerald. “Me neither, in fact I don’t believe! Trying to get attention, and this is allll a prank.” Replied a Glacies. “I promise I’m telling the truth.” Stormheart Said. “Even if it’s true, how do we stop her?” Said Emerald. (Name)-“I’m sorry Orleander.” “No! (Name) you promised!” Orleander Said desperately. Stormheart-well.......? (Name)- I-i.......
  8. (Name)”-I-I-I’m sorry Oleander. Orleander’s an animus.” *gasp* Orleander breaks into tears and runs out of the room. “Orleander!” Said Emerald. “Go away!” Orleander replied. (Name)-I’ll go check on her. Orleander. Orleander-“You promised (Name)! I’ll never forgive you.” Her whole body turned red and started clawing me I’ve never seen her this mad before. Orleander sooned reliezed What she did when she saw the blood on my belly. Orleander-*gasp* *tears stream out again, her scales turning blue*
  9. Orleander-“I enchant Nightshade to become a rainwing/mudwing hybird, and her name shall be Soil.” Meanwhile-Nightshade-what’s going on! Make it stop! Aaaahhhhhh! *wakes up in Rainforest, with a dragonet body, and a dragonet mind!* then her faded away. Lianna-“awwww your so cute! I’m going to raise you as my own!
  10. Know one knew what happened to Nightshade, or Soil. It’s been three months now. I enventully forgave (Name) I was soon getting straight As! I can’t wait for adventures!
  11. Ember-it is finished! At last! Anyway I’m so sorry this took so long. I forgot I made. Anyway thank you taking this! I made a Pantala love story if you wanna check it out!
  12. Ember-🤬 I forgot to mention, who did you like?

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