Summer Road Trip Love Story

Okay so it's not really a road trip it's a whole summer vacation but whatever close enough. Anyway hope you enjoy and come back for part 2 please!!!!!

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Created by: IMONABOAT
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  1. Okay just to make this clear if i havent already, this isnt a rip off of the LA love story. I actually LOVED that series, and read it while on the beach XD anyway thisis my own version... and btw you may know my quiz My Flirting Game thats me! Also A Game Of Truth Or Dare so check those out too
  2. Its the second week of summer vacation, and your parents have already ruined it. How do they manage to do it every year? I honestly don't know. Last year, they left you at Aunt Gertrude's house while they spent the summr in Jamaica. This year, Dad's stupid engineering firm is sending him and his family on a 'prepaid working holiday', so basically Dad is going for work and he's taking you along like a teddy bear you pack in your suit case. There's only one up side though, andthat is that they're sending you guys to Hawaii. But your parents will probably screw that up too.
  3. The plane ride sucked. Yiu got stuck sitting between this reallt fat dude that was wicked sweaty and has gas, and a hyper five year old boy. WORST TWO HOURS EVER!!! Finally, you reach Hawaii. You take a cab from the airport to your cottage on the beach. The whole time your little sister is looking out the window admiring everything she sees. "Oh my god, mom, look! Palm trees! Oh and look, hula dancers! And surfers!" " Oh my god look there's clouds in the sky! Just like at home!" You say with mock astonishment. Your mom scowls at you. "______, you know better."
  4. You finally reach the beach, and you unpack all your stuff. "Can i go for a walk on the beach?" You ask your Dad. Hes busy on his laptop and shoes you away. You take that as a yes and leave. You walk down to the water and wet your toes. You lie in the sand and close your eyes as you breath in the beachy scent in the air. Soon something blocks the sun from hitting your face, and you feel tiny water droplets splash on your face. Something pokes you in the stomach. "Are you okay?" a husky voice asks. You open your eyes and sit up. Standing over you is a very muscalur guy with bleach blond hair. His eyes are a beautiful chestnut color, with flecks of green. Theres a sprinkle of freckles across his nose. You don't say anything. "Hello? Earth to pretty girl. Come in pretty girl!"
  5. You finally find your voice and answer him. "Yeah, I'm fine. I must've just dozed off." "Aw man! I was hoping you needed mouth to mouth. But I don't think I'll ever get that lucky," the guy says with a crooked smile that melts your heart. "I'm Noel, by the way. And you're ____ right?" "How did you know that?" "The whole island been buzzing. Apparently your this amazing surfer," he says with a quizzical look. You groan. "How could everyone already know about that? Okay, yeah I was an okay surfer. I got a couple awards, some magazine spreads, maybe a couple movie offers, but after I totally wiped out in Aruba and broke my hip, I've never surfed and probably never will," you say with one breath, gesturing to the scar on your hip where they had to insert a metal plate.
  6. Noel's mouth forms a little 'O'. "Dude, you're like awesome!" he exclaims. You laugh. "Now that I've told you my life story, I wanna hear yours," you say. "I'm Noel DeMarco. I'm the captain of almost every sports team out there, and loved by all females," he says with extreme cockiness, but with a joking smile. You laugh. He checks his watch. "Oops. I'm late for football practice. That's what I get for talking with a hot girl. Hey listen, there's a party tonight, here at 8. I want you to come okay? See ya." And with that he kisses you on the cheek and runs off.
  7. You're left sitting on the beach, your cheek tingling. After a couple moments, you regain your composure and get up, deciding to go for a walk around town. There's a bunch of shops here, and the air smells like tropical fruit. You see a sign for a circus, and decide to check it out. You follow the signs and see that the circus people are just setting up for their performance. There are tons of animals in this act. There's an elephant, a huge parrot, a gorilla, and a giraffe. All of a sudden you spot a baby tiger in the corner of the circus tent. You go to pick up the poor thing and bring it back to the leader of the circus. But just when you get close, the mama jumps out of nowhere and begins to growl and snap at you. She suddenly lunges for you, and you hold up your hands to shield your face, not sure what else to do. You feel hands encircle your waist, and pull you out of the way. "Down, Sheba!" you hear a masculine voice yell. It's the guy holding your waist. The tiger calms down and you turn to see your savior. He has dark brown hair with baby blue eyes that seem to be looking right through you.
  8. "Are you okay?" he asks with a worried expression. "Y-Yeah," you stammer. "You should be more careful, Sheba would have killed you if you'd given her the chance. But that would be a pity, cuz the world would have one less godess. Why must the pretty die young?!" he asks to the sky, over acting to make you laugh. You do, and ask him his name. "I'm Dominic. I'm the trainee vet for the show. You're ___, right? That famous surfer?" You groan. "I guess you could say that." He smiles, and it sends shivers down your spine. Someone calls his name. "Well, ____. This has been fun. Hey, there's a party tonight down on the beach at 8. Wanna come? If you go I'll go, just to make sure you don't get into any more trouble," he says with a wink. "Sure," you say, not bothering to tell him you've already been invited. He squeezes your hand, then runs off.
  9. You're shocked. You've been in Hawaii for less than a day and already have met 2 cute guys and been invited to a party. You start to walk out of the circus tent and make your way back to the beach when your hip starts to cramp. This happens alot, and you usually take a pill or something to make the pain go away. It's really bad this time, and you know you can't make it back to the beach. So you hop over to the closest wall and sit up against it, waiting for the pain to subside. Next to you is a boy about your age, with black hair that has faint blue streaks, and coal black eyes. He's listening to music, and doesn't pay any attention to you. After a couple minutes, he takes out his head phones and looks at you. "Are you-" "Yeah yeah, I'm 'that surfer'. God why does everyone keep bringing that up?" you snap. He looks confused. "I was gonna ask if you were okay," he says with his husky voice. Without waiting for an answer, he puts the head phones back in his ears and storms off.
  10. Okay. Well now youre sitting there in an unfamiliar country with no means of transportation and you can't even stand up because your hip hurts like hell. Great. Simply wonderful. You sit there for what seems like ages, and then a shiny black motorcycle rolls up. You can't see the driver because of his helmet, but he seems your age, and you hear him scream over the motorcycle, "You need a ride?" Now, you arent the kind of girl to take rides with complete strangers, but your desperate. "I can't move!" you yell. He pulls over and steps off the bike, and swoops you up in his arms. He plops you down on the back of the bike, and starts driving. He pops a couple wheelies, and you cling to him for dear life.
  11. The guy drive you to the cottage and stops the bike. He looks at you through his helmet, and you can't see him at all. "PRty tonight at 8. Be there or be square," he says with a chuckle as he drives off. Your hip is fine by now and you walk through the front door. "Hows Hawaii?" your sister asks as you walk in. She had no clue.
  12. Stay tuned for part 2!!!!

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