LA Summer Love Story, Part 9.

Hey guys! Welcome to LA Summer Love Story, 9! In this one, you will grow even closer with all the guys, some will show sides of them you've never seen.

They'll also show how sad they are that you're going home soon, and won't see them for a year. There is a surprise twist at the end. And theennnnn, number ten is the final quiz. But I will be making another series afterwards and on quiz ten, I'll let you know what it's gonna be called!

Created by: AddiBabyy
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  1. Alright, who'd you get on part 8?
  2. So, a few days later, you're at the mall with Josh and Tyler. You guys are sitting at a table in the food court, when Josh receives a text.
  3. He opens the text, and you see his smile turn into a frown. Tyler looks at him concerned and says "What happened, bro?" Josh looks away in frustration, and then looks back. He says "Stupid Kara texted me and said 'Hey baby, sorry I messed up, but maybe u could give me a second chance?' F***in b*tch."
  4. "So what are you gonna say?" you ask. Josh looks into your eyes, smiles, and says "Absolutely not." Your heart melts a little.
  5. Then Tyler says "Kara.. she's pretty cute. Not after what she did to you of course, but... she's cute." Josh glares at him, but then he just laughs. Josh says "I really don't care about Kara anymore. I know I crushed on her all year, but... she's a bad person. She's nothing to me." Then he sighs, and looks away, and you can tell he still has small feelings for her.
  6. So then you guys get up and continue your walk around the mall. After a while, Jack walks up to you and says "Hey baby, I hadn't seen you around the mall before." You say "Yeah, I spend all my time on the beach, so this is my first time coming." He goes "Yeah? You should spend more time here. I'm here a lot." You giggle. Josh and Tyler roll their eyes.
  7. Apparently, Jack saw them roll their eyes because then he looks at Josh and Tyler and says "Guys, can you please stop? I've tried everything. I have been trying to be friends with you guys all summer long. At first it was just to get close to ______, but now I think you guys are cool and fun people to be around, and I like the whole group. I just wish you guys could accept me!" You smile at Jack because that was a big thing for him to do.
  8. Then Josh says "I'm sorry, bro. We only rolled our eyes because we like her, and you were hitting on her. I think you're a cool guy too." Then Tyler says "Yeah, I do too." Jack smiles and knuckle-bumps both of them. Then you guys all walk around the mall for a while.
  9. Josh drops Tyler off at his house, and then he drops you off at your house. Before you get out of the car, he says "_____, I know I told you I wasn't going to like you anymore, because you're going home soon and stuff, but I can't help it. I do still like you." Then you say "Josh, I'm flattered that you like me, but you picked the wrong time... I go home in four days.." He frowns and says "Yeah, I know... see ya later today?" You nod and get out of the car.
  10. You're walking up to your house and you turn around to wave at Josh. Then you continue walking, and you find Jimmy laying face down on your porch.
  11. You say "Uh, Jimmy? Everything okay?". Then he says "NO!! I'm depressed, because you're going home in a few days. Seriously, _____, you can't go. I'm going to cry." Then you say "Jimmy, I'll be back next summer!" and he says "Yeah, but that's too far away. I'm gonna be depressed all year." and you say "No, you'll meet other girls!" and he says "No other girls like you." Then he pulls you in and kisses you before you can say anything.
  12. You pull back and say "Jimmy.. I can not get attached right now. I'm about to go home, and that's just gonna make it harder on both of us." Jimmy's eyes tear up a little and he says "I don't know what I'm gonna do after you're gone..." He walks off with his head looking at the ground.
  13. You walk inside and sit down on the couch. You think long and hard about what you're gonna do. You have four days left to spend with these amazing guys and you love all of them from the bottom of your heart. Who means the most to you?
  14. You hear a knock on the door so you go answer it. It's Adam! "Hey gorgeous." he says. Then he kisses you on the cheek. "Hey Adam, wanna come in?" you say. He walks inside and you guys sit down at the kitchen table.
  15. "So what's up?" you say. "My love for you." he says. You guys both laugh, and then he continues "But seriously, I just wanted to talk to you about everything. You're going home, I'm going back to school.. I'm pretty popular with girls at school, and I just.. I never want to think of us at a summer fling or whatever. I really like you, and now isn't the time, but I think it'd be cool if someday, you could be my girlfriend. I would have loved for it to happen this summer, but I know you had things with several of my friends, and we all made it hard for you, but yeah, I really like you, _____. Please don't forget about me when you're at home." He looks at you with the most loving look you've ever seen.
  16. You say "Adam, I won't forget about you. I'll call and text you all the time. YOU better not forget about ME when you're with all those girls who adore you." He smiles and says "I won't."
  17. You walk down the beach and find Jayson sitting against a wall, with headphones in his ears. You sit down beside him and decide to have similar talk with him that you had with Adam. You say "Hey, Jayson." He says "Hey, beautiful." Then you say "So, um, I'm leaving in a few days and... I'm really gonna miss you." "I'm gonna miss you SO much, I don't even want to talk about it. I might cry or something.." You just hug him.
  18. Then he puts one of his earphones in your ear and says "Listen to the lyrics." A song is playing and it says "You are my world, I've never ever loved a girl, the way that I love you. With you, I don't care, I'm willing to go anywhere, just to spend my days with you." You look at him and smile. He kisses you.
  19. You get up to walk away because you're getting kind of emotional, and Jayson shouts "_____, I wish you weren't leaving. You've opened up a side of me I've never seen, and... I like it... I like you." You look at him, teary-eyed, but trying to manage a smile, and walk off.
  20. You go sit on the porch of your aunt lisa's house and sit there, really sad, because you know you're going home in a few days. Then Tyler shows up. You fake a smile and say "Hey Tyler". He says "_____, stop being sad. You get to go home and see your friends and get back to your life. But the rest of us... once you're gone, ugh. Once you're gone, all I have is theater and my theater friends. Did you know that the only reason I got kind of popular this summer was because of you? You brought together this awesome group of friends this summer, and it's been amazing. But I feel like once school starts, it's gonna be over."
  21. You're too sad to say anything, so you just let Tyler keep talking. He says "I'm no Adam, _____. Adam is the coolest guy in school. He gets every girl, he's friends with everyone cool. This summer probably won't mean half as much to him as it meant to me. Because awesome things like this are guaranteed to happen to him again. Me, on the other hand... playing Danny in Grease at school was the best thing to ever happen to me... then you came along, and I made all these new friends... _____, I can't believe this is all about to end." He puts his head in his hands and you both sit there in silence.
  22. Finally, you look at him and say "Tyler, I wish I didn't have to leave and end everything, but I do. I have to go home. I have to leave behind some of the best friends I've ever had. But Tyler, I'll be back next summer." Tyler nods, but then he says "But what if next summer is different? What if Adam and Jayson and them don't want to be my friend next summer?" Then you say "I think they will. Adam loves you now, and he's always been nice to you." Tyler nods "Yeah, I guess."
  23. Then Tyler says "Well, I'm gonna go." He starts to walk off, but then he turns around and says "Wait... I wanted to tell you a few other things..." You nod and listen. He says "____, I really like you. I know that you already knew that, but... I've never liked a girl as much as I like you, so I want you to know that I'm not gonna forget about you after you go home." He stops and looks at you. Then he says "So yeah, that's it. I'll see you later today, when I'm not as sad." He walks off.
  24. You continue sitting there sadly on your porch. You know you should be cherishing your time with your friends, but all anyone can talk about is how sad they are about you leaving, and it's bumming you out. Suddenly, Josh walks up. "Oh, _____, you're too beautiful for words to describe." He comes up and sits next to you. "What causes this frown upon thy beautiful face?" Oh Josh, such a poet. You say...
  25. He looks at you with his intense and beautiful blue eyes and says "_____, we're all going to miss you. A lot. But we can't let it stop us from letting us enjoy these last few days together, and we can't let it stop us from moving forward it life." You nod.
  26. Josh continues, "____, I don't like being sad, so I usually avoid it. Think about the fact that you'll see us all a year from now. Think about the fact that you can call or text us every single day if you want to. You may not get to hug us and kiss us for nine months, but you do get to talk to us, and you do get to rely on the fact that you'll see us again." He gives you a hug.
  27. He looks at you and says, "You're unbelievably beautiful, ______. I never stopped liking you. I tried to stop myself from liking you, but I failed." Just then, Jimmy walks up. You guys look at him. He says "____, I thought of a solution. Live here full time. This is my first year going to school here, and it could be yours too. Come on. Don't go home. Move in with your aunt." You and Josh look at each other.
  28. Yes, guys. Number ten, the final quiz, is coming soon. Buuuut you get to help the fate of what happens. Leave your comments saying whether you think she (you) should move to Aunt Lisa's and go to school with the guys, or she should go back home. Either way, I'm making a new series about it, but you guys get to decide whether the series takes place with her at their school, or at her old school. LEAVE YOUR CHOICE!

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