Middle School Love Story Part 5

Oh. Meh. Gosh. Hello peeps!!! Long time no see, eh? Well anyways, heres part 5. So enjoy!! Oh and stay tuned and comment and rate so I know if I should continue these series.

Oh and sorry for the long wait. I was busy lately and I didn't have the time. Also, I didn't have the Opportunity to plan this out so sorry if part six is really and. Comment to me if it's bad. And sorry for the shortness of the story. hope you love!! Err, I mean I know you'll love!!!

Created by: Rockstar123

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  1. You wake up and it's 7:00 o'clock. In the night. You see Jake near you. He says," look ________, I can explain. The reason how I knew you could read minds is because when I used to play with girls, USED TO, in my dream a mysterious person said that I will learn my lesson and become great friends with a girl. I will also fall in love with her. Well, when I fell in love with you, I knew you were the one for me. Please tell me the same. I really won't play with you. I swear. ". He looks down with tears. ---your thoughts---*wow, I didn't know that a cute jock would cry over ME . Well as I said to Kyle, everyone deserves a second chance.* you look at him and say," Apology accepted. Just Don't do it Again. Sooooo... who was the person in your dream? You know, the one that told you that you'll fall in love with me." Jake looks suprized that you even asked. He says,"well to be honest, I don't really know. It was a guy and he goes to our school. Kindda creepy for him to be in my dream. I never ever think or even talked to him once. I really don't know." you U guess it's---
  2. But really, how could you choose between kyle, Jake, and Doug? It would be hard to break Any of their hearts. Well then, Jake took you home and he said goodbye. At first it looked like he was about to give you a kiss. But he hesitated and left.-----your thoughts----*Jake is cute and funny and needs me. Kyle is caring and funny and loves me. Doug is interesting and protective and I would have an interesting life with him. How can I choose?* You think about it and then dozed off. The next day, you aren't late for the first time. You finish the boring old schoolwork and leave. Just as you were about to leave your locker, Doug comes to you and says,"Are we still going for a walk?" he smiles a little and you think it's adorable. So you says,"Hi, nice to see you too." You two both laugh and you end up saying yes to the walk. Doug says mysteriously, "It'll be fun but besides that, I need to tell you something private. So don't bring anyone and meet me by the tree in evergreen local park. I'll miss you for the next 10 minutes," he jokes. You blush and say ok. You rush home and grab a snack---
  3. You finish your snack and tell your mom where youre going. " have fun sweetie." she calls after you. "Oh I will!!" you say Back. It takes you a while to go to Evergreen Local Park so you take your old bike. You plan to buy a new one anyway. You Are late,as usual, and sped to the park. A red convertible seems to be following you. You make a turn that is heading away from the park. You suddenly slow down and before you know it, the car crashed into you. You see blood, blood everywhere but didn't know it was yours. You faint and black out. Why am I so miserable you think, before blacking out.
  4. You wake up hoping, praying that it was all a bad dream. But it wasn't. No dream could ever be this real and terrifying. You examine your body now in hospital clothes. It was blistered and scarred. The bloody red marks everywhere. You realize that this horrifying creature is YOU. Ever so slowly, a tear rolls down your cheek. You fall asleep in pain. It was the late afternoon when you woke up. Your mom and dad, Jake, Kyle, and Doug surrounded you. You sniffle and say, "This isn't real. I hate my l-l-l-ifeeeeee!!!" You break down in tears. Everyone hugs yoou and you whisper, "thanks."
  5. A week of recovering passes and you are happy, and excited to finally get out of the hospital. Being in there is not only boring but it's loney. Plus you miss the boys( and your family, of course ;). ) You take the bus home, you hear a loud applause and the lights flicked on. It was a celebration party for you!!!!!
  6. Okay, so the party is on!!!! There's the movies, then the buffet and finally, your date and you are gonna get dessert together. And maybe, a kiss as well. Or a long smooch. Lol idk you decide. Ok who's your date? (continued in part 6)
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