Middle School Love Story Part 1

Okay, this is my first quiz!!! I'm sure you'll love these series. The characters are Kyle,Jake, and Doug. They all are different. These guys are to die for and will you end up with your prince charming?

Please take my quiz and stay tuned for part 2!! This first quiz might not be REALLY interesting, but I promise it'll get better! Comment and rate it and leave a suggestion! Peace!

Created by: Rockstar123
  1. You groan as your alarm clock wakes you up. It's your first day of 8th grade--AND--your new to this school. What could be worst? As you get up you sigh and wish you meet welcoming friends. You wear
  2. As you do what you regularly do on mornings, you realize that you're late! Shizz! You run out the door and run for your life to school. But as you start to run slower, a guy runs smack into you. You guess that he was late, too so as you slowed down, he didn't realize so he ran into you. "OMG, I'm sooo sorry!" you blurt out to the guy. He has brown hair with a hint of blonde. His light blue eyes you could stare into them forever. He chuckles and says, "It's ok. Anywayz, >I< was the one who ran into you in the first place!" After you two pick up all your stuff he says, "BTW, my names Jake. And u are?" Oh meh gosh i havent told him my name yet, you think in your head." Ohh, mine is ______. Could you help me to my class??" you say. "Sure." Jake replies. You show him your schedule and it says biography. "Wow, thats my class too! I'll take you. Follow me." he says. You follow him realizing that you are 15 minutes late. But on the bright side, you have Jake to keep you company. "Here it is" he says, holding the door for you. "Thanks" you say. "Your wel-" He starts but didnt finish. It's prob. cuz your bio teacher is staring at you and Jake. "Mr.Sarni and Ms._______, what are you doing late AND disturbing class? You two have lunch detention today. And Ms.________, I know you're new here but don't be late. Class, this is __________. Go on _________. Take a seat." Ms. Bolt says giving you a glare. You take a seat [the only seat left] and blush. Theres a guy next to you that giving you funny faces and you can't help but smile. you-
  3. Lets just say you picked the third answer. When the teacher wasn't looking he gave you the note back saying'I'm the class clown. lol what i meant to say was I'm Kyle. I've been here since kindergarden so if you have any questions, ask me. oh by the way- your hot.' You look up and see him giving you a smirk. You blush. You sneak a glance at him and see his dirty blonde hair with green crystal eyes. In your mind you think--
  4. During class, you sense someone staring at you. You--
  5. You ignore it. But finally when you look up, you see a boy with dark brown hair and cute brown eyes. They seem hallow and filled with mystery. You smile and mouth the word 'what' to him and he doesn't smile back. He looks down, and before you know it, the bell rung.
  6. Ok, after class you hurry to lunch at detention. D: Luckily, you found your way there. You wonder why Doug was staring at you. It seemed like he already knew you from before. "Deep in thought, right?" you heard some one say. You jumped cuz you are startled. You see that Jake 's behind you chuckling. You blush and say, "What do we do at lunch detention?" He looks into your eyes and you wish he was yours. His eyes are beautiful. "Well, we just eat and do work. We aren't really allowed to talk but no one really catches us",Jake replies.
  7. "Well, lunch detention isn't THAT bad!"you say. Jake smiles and nods. Once again, he stares into your eyes. You just melt inside. "________, you are so beautiful. I know we just met but I love you." Jake whispers. He leans in oh so close when the door blew open.
  8. Comment & rate!!! This is my first quiz so give me suggestions. Most likely I'll use it.
  9. Please stay tuned!!
  10. -please skip-

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