Just Another Complicated Story... Not About Love! 3

READ NOW!!!!!!!!: Hello. Thank you for returning. I guess I'd better tell you who you are again. You are a 12 year-old girl named Sara. You go to an average middle school, and your best friend is a boy named Ty. He is your typical emo dude. You have brown hair and dark purple eyes. Ty is human and you're a Lunpire.

So, if you haven't take the first two (this IS part 3 of a trilogy, you know) go click the link that says "Selena112" You'll see the first two and my other quizzes as well. Feel free to take them!

Created by: amazon

  1. Okay, so here's where we left off. You have just agreed to join Leo. The only reason he accepted your offer is because you're a super-Lunpire, so you have much more power. Back on track now?
  2. "Don't worry, Sara. I won't kill your friend," Leo grinned evilly, taking you by surprise. "You will." Worry grasps your soul, and Ty makes a worried noise in between a squeak and a hiss. (NOT SQUISS!) You frantically think of an explanation why you won't kill Ty. "Um, you see, Leo, here's the thing. Ty would make an excellent... janitor for you when you take over the world," you stammer. You help Ty up and try to make him look like an awesome janitor. "Hmm... I guess I can see what you mean," Leo muttered thoughtfully. Harpz squirmed nervously and looked at Leo, shaking her head angrily.
  3. Ty sat up, realizing he wasn't about to die. "It's okay," he mutters to himself. "This is all a bad dream. When I wake up, I'll be in the library..." You elbow Ty and he stops talking. As Leo decides what to do next, you sit next to Ty nervously. Suddenly a loud shout is heard, and someone crashes through the skylight and drops onto the ground. You can't tell who it is. You think...
  4. You look at the unmoving mass heaped on the floor. Leo walks over to it and taps it with his boot. "Is it dead?" he asks. The mass moves and through a flurry of feathers, you realize it's your friend, Teresa (yes, you have a friend named Teresa.) She looks exactly like before, but she has two grey feathery wings sprouting from her back. Her wingspan is about 15 feet. "What, you never seen an angel before?" she asked, standing up and shaking her wings. She punched Leo in the face, giving him a bloody nose. "I'm not an it. So shut up!" She walked over to Harpz and stared down at her, anger in her eyes. "You convinced me to do that, and I was only a little kid! Now look where I am!" she ruffled her grey wings and spit. "You're a disgrace, even to Fallen Angels!" She walked over to you and Ty, pulling you to the skylight. She gestured for you to leave, but first you walked up to Leo. You punched him, threw him onto the ground, and kicked him very hard. He whined as threw him against a wall. When you were sure he had learned his lesson, you climbed out of the skylight and helped Ty up. Teresa flew up into the air and grabbed you both. She took off, her dark brown hair waving behind her, and her large wings flapping silently in the wind.
  5. "So, Teresa, how did you become a fallen angel?" you ask, while Ty is no doubt wanting to write about flying, since he was living it. "Well," Teresa began, and you let yourself be drawn into her story. "I was 4 years old. Harpz at the time, was a good angel, but she had evil ideas. She convinced me to steal a golden harp and I did. The Council of Angels decided that we would both become fallen angels. As her wings darkened, I saw evil in Harpz's eyes. I believe that if she expanded her wings now, they would be jet black. She wanted me to be a fallen angel for some reason, though. I don't know why, or where the golden harp is. All I know is, they'll probably never except me back into Heaven." You sigh. That's an awfully sad story about your friend. Suddenly you land next to a freeway in the middle of the woods.
  6. A tall, shimmering man with a 20 feet wingspan stepped out of the woods. His wings were covered with pure white feathers. He looked down at Teresa, then you, then Ty. "Teresa, what are you doing here? What happened?" he asked, his deep voice, well, angelic. Teresa looked at the ground and muttered to him. "I saved my two friends' lives." He knelt down and lifted her head. "Why, Teresa, did you need to save them?" Teresa avoided his gaze and looked to you for support. "Well, um, Raghnall, some Solpire named..." Raghnall looked at Teresa, seriousness in his eyes. "Well, a Solpire! Why didn't you say so? Oh, and I've been looking at your file. It wasn't your fault, what happened. I think you deserve to become a good angel again. Come with me. You too, Sara and Ty."
  7. Raghnall leads you into a clearing in the forest. You walk across the soft ground covered with pine needles and sit on some large stones. Raghnall stands and takes Teresa's hand, leading her to a corner of the clearing. "Expand your wings," he said, and she did. Suddenly, Teresa's wings started to turn lighter. Her wings were soon as white as new snow. She smiled at her new wing changes and hugged Raghnall. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you!" she said happily. "Thanks." He nodded and they took off into the sky, heading toward heaven, leaving you and Ty alone. Before she was completely gone, though, Teresa looked back at you and mouthed three words. "Good luck, Sara."
  8. You look up at the sky. It's almost dark. You look at Ty. He looks at you and smiles. "Today, last night, that was an adventure," he whispered. You smile and whisper back, "Yes, yes it was," then you realize what you should ask. "Ty? Would you... like to become a Lunpire?" Ty looked at you in deep thought then nodded. You look around and find the area with the most moonlight, leading Ty to it. You lean close to him, kissing him full on the lips. His eyes widen, then he starts to enjoy the kiss. Small flecks of light start swirling around you and Ty. You lean away, and Ty opens his eyes. For a moment, you can see the small child he once was shining in his eyes. Then he falls to the ground, suddenly looking stronger. It worked, he had become a Lunpire.
  9. Ty stands up and holds you close to him. "I love you, Sara. I always have," he whispered. Then he kissed you even more. You looked up at him, broke away from his kissing, and whispered four lovely words. "I love you too."
  10. EPILOGUE: You and Ty arrive at your house, the one you brought an unconscious Ty to two days ago. Matt, Riley, Beth, and Joy meet you at the door, wondering what had happened. Ty stood smiling in the moonlight, looking stronger, wiser, and just plain better. Joy walks up to him and smiles. "Are you a Lunpire now? I remember when you were here, passed out on the couch." Ty looks at you, then looks back at Joy. "Yeah, yeah I am," he replies. Matt only shrugs and walks into the house, Riley doing the same. Beth looks at Ty as if she were about to flirt with him. As you walk into the house, you mutter "Forget it" to her, and she looks at you, shocked you knew what she was thinking. Ty walked into the house after you, and Joy followed. Ty took your hand, and you took his. Those four words echoed in your head. "I love you too."
  11. Okay, this is not a cliffhanger. This is the end of the story. If you want more with these characters, then you either need to: 1) Go back and pick "I WANT MORE OF THIS!!!" for every answer, or 2) Tell me in a comment. I'd prefer if you chose number 2. I'm thinking of making another one about fallen angels or about Leo's past. If I make one about fallen angels, it'll be called "Night of the Fallen Angels." If I make the one for Leo's past, it'll be called "Through Leo's Eyes."

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