Just Another Complicated Story... Not About Love! 2

READ NOW!!!!!!!!: Hello. Thank you for returning. I guess I'd better tell you who you are again. You are a 12 year-old girl named Sara. You go to an average middle school, and your best friend is a boy named Ty. He is your typical emo dude. You have brown hair and dark purple eyes. Ty is human and you're a Lunpire. At the end, If you get "You will fight... and live" the name Teresa is a slight spoiler. You now know I add an extra character. And don't stop taking these, despite how question 12 ends. I want you to came back so you can know what happens.

On that note, I must tell you that if you haven't taken the first one, none of this will make sense. So, if you haven't, please click the link that says "Selena112" and choose "Just Another Complicated Story... Not About Love!" Thank you, and enjoy my quiz.

Created by: Selena112
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  1. Ok, so, you and Ty have been kidnapped by Leo and Harpz. Leo wants to destroy you, Ty, and this prophecy you're in. But don't worry, you can handle it.
  2. This car ride to an unknown location is taking forever. Eventually, Leo falls asleep. You have nothing better to do, so you read his mind. You see that he's planning to destroy you with some type of stretcher that he'll attach you to. Above it is a giant skylight, but it has a cover over it. You are even more bored, so you read his mind even more. You see...
  3. Now you decide to read Ty's mind. You see his past, his old school. (He was a new kid at your school this year.) In the flashback, you see Ty, and he's about 9. He's walking through the school hallway, on his way to recess, but the weirdest thing is his appearance. He looks stronger, has blond hair, bright green eyes, and a big smile on his face. This is very different than his dark black hair, stormy grey eyes full of doubt, and his usual sulk-ish frown. He walks out onto the playground and starts swinging upside-down on the monkey bars. A tall boy who looked a lot like Leo walks up. At that moment, Younger Ty's smile fades. The tall boy punched Ty in the stomach, and Ty falls off of the monkey bars, doubling over in pain. The tall boy merely laughed and snapped his fingers. He walked off, snickering to himself to tell the other mean kids. Younger Ty starts changing. His hair turns grey-brown, then dark grey, then jet black. His bright green eyes turned stormy and grey. His face became shadowed, and he glared at the tall boy, who was telling a swarm of kids his age about bullying Ty, and Ty stared at him, hatred in his eyes. A small, almost invisible tear rolled out of his eye, and he ran off. The scene fades, and you're back in the car, sitting next to Ty.
  4. You look at Ty, and he's very angry. "I could tell you were reading my mind!" Ty hissed. "I'm sorry Ty," you whispered "I was bored." Ty glared at you. "So that gives you permission to read my mind?" You look down guiltily and then change the subject. "So, was that Leo in your memory? What was the thing where you changed like that about?" Ty sighs sadly, Leo grunts in his sleep, and you scoot closer to Ty so he can whisper to you about what happened."Yes, it was Leo. He snapped his fingers and I was cursed. He had always been nice to me, but slightly before what you saw, he was really mean to me. I guess he'd decided I wasn't his friend anymore, and started hating me. The weird part is, he snapped his fingers and... and... I started changing my appearance, not on purpose, though." You suddenly know the answers. Why Leo was mean to Ty. Why he changed, why his hair turned black, why his eyes turned grey, why he was who he was now.
  5. Harpz stares dreamily at Leo for a moment, then wakes him up. "Wha, what? Harpz, don't wake me like that!" Leo says as he pushes Haprz away. "We're here," Haprz told Leo. Leo opened the car door and stepped out onto a riverbed. The gravel crunched beneath his feet as he walked up to an old house. The bright paint, the color of the sun, was fading and peeling. Ty climbs over you and looks out the window. "Wow, he lives in a dump," he said. You tap him on the arm and mutter to him. "Ty, you're heavier than you look and it's almost midnight, so you weigh barely anything, but your knees are pointy and they're jabbing into my leg." He apologizes and gets over to his seat. You think...
  6. Leo walks out of the house with 3 large Solpires behind him. They walked up to the car and opened the doors. One grabbed Ty and the other two grabbed you. They shepherded you and Ty into the house and threw you two down a flight of stairs. You stand up, brush the dirt off of your shirt and help Ty up, too. He looked up the stairs and squeaked nervously as Leo and his cronies came downstairs. One held Harpz over his back. She was tied up, with duct tape covering her mouth. "Umph! Urmph oof umph!" Harpz screamed, the duct tape muffling her words. Leo shoves you up to a wall and pins you against it. You think...
  7. "Are you ready to die?" Leo asks menacingly. You struggle and, even though you can't see the moon, you can feel a slight breeze of night air. You realize there's a crack in the ceiling above you and in the roof above that. You feel the small sliver of moonlight washing over a small spot on your head. You can barely feel it through your thick hair, it is enough to give you strength. You look at Leo, and for the first time you realize how tired he looks. His amber eyes are shadowed with weakness, and you can see a dark bruise (you gave it to him when you punched him earlier) through his thin white shirt. You feel pity on him, and instead of punching his face in, you slip gently into his mind. He's tough, but he grimaces when you start adding thoughts to his actions. He crumpled to the ground (by your request,) rolls away from you (by your request,) and orders his cronies to let you and Ty go (also by your request.) You didn't know you had such power, you...
  8. "Cronies! Let Sara and Ty go! And go buy me some more adult diapers!" Leo shouted, by your command. The three Solpires hesitated and instead of following Leo's orders held their place. One of them widened their eyes and pointed his finger at you. "She added actions to your thought track, boss! She made you say that!" The moonlight was fading from your use, and the spell was broken. Leo realized the things he'd said, and he stood up, his weakness showing though he tried not to let it show. He ran and turned on the lights in the basement. You hadn't realized it, but the lights weren't on. Being a Lunpire, you could see through the dark pretty well. You look over and see the evil stretcher of doom. You also see the skylight. It all makes sense.
  9. Leo shouted at his cronies, who lift you up onto the evil stretcher of doom. Before they can lock you down, you stand up, send a roundhouse kick to the crony holding you down. He falls down, hits his head on the hard, concrete floor and is knocked out. The other two back up nervously and start two run away, but you show no mercy. You run up to the first one, punch him in the stomach and shove him into a pile of clutter in a corner of the basement. For the second one, you...
  10. You circle Leo, who watches you nervously. "Well, Leo. seeing I've defeated your cronies and know your plan after reading your mind, I'd say you're defeated." He steps away from you nervously then glances out the window. "Not quite," he sneered. "The sun's coming up." He was correct, the sun was rising into the sky. Suddenly, you start to feel weaker, sleepier, grumpier, and just dull. Meanwhile, Leo was experiencing just the opposite. He looked stronger, faster, smarter, taller, and like he was the gift to all Solpires. "Good luck defeating us, now that the sun is up. You are slowly losing power. You must act quickly. You turn to Leo, no matter how fast you are losing power you straighten up and look at him with no fear in your eyes. "Fine. I will stand beside you when you take over the world. I will fight for you. Just don't kill Ty."
  11. Hmm... *sighs* I must once again apologize for cliffhangers, but if people don't like these, I feel it would be a waste of time to continue the story. But if you like these, please leave a positive comment, and I will continue this story. If you have any ideas for a different story with these same characters, please tell me those in a comment as well. If you have anything you want to share, please comment.

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