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  • Pumpkin and Pine
    "Davian looked up at the knock on the door, thankful for a distraction that didn't involve secondhand embarrassment. Rafael was better off mi..."
  • Pumpkin and Pine
    "Things in class seemed to be going okay until someone towards the back spoke up. Davian glanced back, realizing it was Kana. He'd never talk..."
  • Pumpkin and Pine
    "Davian was up early, which was awful, but got to pick up Starbucks before going to school, which was great. Showing up a little bit earlier ..."
  • Pumpkin and Pine
    "NOT IT"
  • Pumpkin and Pine
    "Sorry Kaeya ):"
  • Pumpkin and Pine
    "WAIT I forgot about Road's. v_v"
  • Pumpkin and Pine
    "Now that our charries are out the way.... who's starting?"
  • Pumpkin and Pine
    "Hiiiii~! Name: Davian Boyd Age: 17 Gender: Male Looks: Davian was born with dark magenta hair and brown eyes,"
  • Mod Check-In Thread
    "04.20.2021 hahaha Anyways. I've been summoned t"
  • "And before anyone points out the the above account isn't 10 years old. Here I am on mod and og."
  • Mod Check-In Thread
    "11.06.2020 nothing exciting today except that i’m here and i WILL be overthrowing gtq guy. and naming myself... gtq gay. goodni"
  • "i am the HOTTEST hot shot and that's that on that"
  • "ur goin 2 jail now, sorry kid"
  • Mod Check-In Thread
    "10.06.2020 jeez, is it the 6th already??? nothing happened, hope school is going well for those attending and gene"
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