Do you know me? Updated, 2013

Call me conceited. :P I need to make a new quiz. Maybe one of these days I'll come up with an actually interesting subject for a quiz and then we won't be having this issue anymore.

IF I TOLD YOU WHAT I WAS, WOULD YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON ME? AND IF I SEEMED DANGEROUS, WOULD YOU BE SCARED? This has been Monster, by Imagine Dragons. Anyone who's ever made a quiz on Gotoquiz before knows exactly why this is here.

Created by: The Coldest Sun

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  1. How old am I currently? (date: 12.28.2013)
  2. What is my favorite sweet food?
  3. How many different Tumblr URL's have I had?
  4. What is my favorite animal?
  5. What month is my birthday in?
  6. What's my favorite band/artist?
  7. What political party do I support?
  8. Latest soul-shattering event in life:
  9. Favorite meat?
  10. What is my favorite color?
  11. My favorite room temperature?
  12. First good friend on Gotoquiz?
  13. Which do I prefer?
  14. What's my favorite weapon?
  15. I like too many villains to ask you to pick my favorite, so instead, pick the one out of these that I don't fangirl over.
  16. What color are my eyes?
  17. Which of these DON'T I ship?
  18. Do I like country music?
  19. Roleplay and personality-wise, I identify as
  20. My alignment:
  21. My Enneagram?
  22. Temperament? (the Four Temperaments)
  23. Myers-Briggs?
  24. Favorite time of day~?
  25. Language I know best after English:
  26. Favorite actor?
  27. Favorite television series?
  28. Favorite season?
  29. Tomatoes?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me? Updated, 2013