A Warriors Day Part 3

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Created by: Leafpool
  1. "SQUIRRELFLIGHT!" I heard. "Grab that branch!" I did as I was told and clamped my jaws around it. Now, if you don't remember, I'd almost fallen into the hollow.
  2. "Hold on!" the voice shrieked. I realized that...I looked up, and saw the shadowy ghost of Tigerstar. "Why would you help me?" I mutter through clenched teeth. "Because you're Brambleclaw's mate," Tigerstar growls. He then disappeared.
  3. I was so shocked that I relased the branch and started falling. I didn't notice everyone shrieking around me. I didn't notice the sky growing farther and farther up above. I didn't even notice that I was on the back of a cat. "Squirrelflight?" That snapped me out of it. "Put me down!" I growled. "I'm purrfectly fine!" The cat that caught me put me down. I looked up and saw that it was ASHFUR!
  4. "Are you okay?" Ashfur meowed. I nodded. "Thanks to you," I couldn't help but purr. Brambleclaw came rushing through the entrance to camp just then. "What happened?" he asked, his eyes widening in dismay.
  5. Ashfur stepped back, his jaws baring in a snarl. "I saved her from falling to her death." "Wow. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to help you, Squirrelflight. I would've been here the same time as him, but I tripped in a stupid fox hole."
  6. Suddenly Firestar rushed over. "Outtamyway!" he gasped. "Squirrelflight!" Cinderpelt and Leafpaw emerged from the medicine cat den suddenly. My sister rolled her eyes. "It's one disaster after another with you, isn't it?"
  7. "It certainly is," Sandstorm, padding up to the group, agreed. "Why can't you be more quiet, like your sister?"
  8. I stood up. "I'm fine," I meowed quickly. "And I don't like being quiet." I looked at Cinderpelt and Leafpaw. "Can I go back to warrior duties?" Cinderpelt scrunched up her face, like she was thinking. "I'll have to look at you first. Leafpaw, could you go and get the herbs for your sister?" Leafpaw dipped her head and raced away.
  9. I padded over to Cinderpelt's den, where she looked me over. "You have a sprained paw. Does it hurt?" "A little," I admitted, "but can I still do warrior duties?" "All right," Cinderpelt mewed. "But be careful."
  10. I was just leaving camp with a hunting patrol when Dustpelt went racing up into Firestar's den. The patrol stopped, waiting, and finally I heard Firestar meow, "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather underneath the Highledge for a Clan meeting!" The whole Clan was already under before he'd even finished the words. "Now," he began, "I have some news. There are fox traps in our territory-" "Isn't that good? That means no more foxes!" "-no, that's not good. One of our warriors has been caught in them. Brambleclaw!"

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