~Warrior Cats Love Story~

In this love story, you will start out as a she-cat in her father's clan named Amberpelt. Amberpelt is loved by both Silverstripe and Ashfur. In the end, she has to make a choice: will she be with Silverstripe or Ashfur?

Will you choose to be with Silverstripe or Ashfur? Do you like kind, and great hunters? Or serious, and unfriendly warriors? Silverstripe or Ashfur?

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. "Amberpelt!" your clan leader (also your father), Bramblestar calls your name. You're so excited to finally become a warrior, and you start daydreaming about all the missions and patrols you will do. About how you will make your father proud by being a responsible warrior, and never letting him down. "Amberpelt? Amberpelt!" Bramblestar calls again. You snap out of your daydream, and approach your father as soon as possible.
  2. "Amberpelt, it's so nice to see you again, and I'm so glad you're finally becoming a warrior." Bramblestar Smiles. "Ashfur will show you to your den. When you're finished looking around, I'd like you to report to Silverstripe so you can begin your first patrol. Okay?"
  3. Suddenly, an unfamiliar looking cat approaches you. The serious tom-cat has messy Black fur, Sharp claws, and narrowed Dark Green eyes. It's Ashfur. Then, Ashfur says in a unfriendly voice and with a sigh, "Let's go."
  4. You wave goodbye to your father, and you and Ashfur head down a dusty trail. Soon after, the sky turns dark and the stars come out. Suddenly and Unexpectedly, you hear Owls hooting, Wolves howling, and bushes rustling. It's so cold and dark outside.
  5. You and Ashfur finally make it to your den. You suddenly feel relieved. You take a quick glace at your den. The den was made out of Branches, Rocks and Leaves. It looks well put together.
  6. Ashfur leaves, and so do you. You start looking around for Silverstripe. You can't find him, so you start calling his name. You look around for Silverstripe for a bit more. Right until you bump into another cat...
  7. The cat you have bumped into has Glossy Silver fur, Sharp, Bloody claws, and Light Maple Amber colored eyes. It's Silverstripe. "Are you Amberpelt?" he asks.
  8. "Cool, I'm Silverstripe." Silverstripe says, smiling. "So, Amberpelt, are you ready to go on your first patrol?"
  9. You and Silverstripe head towards the end of the clan territory and start your patrol. Suddenly, Silverstripe's Glossy, Silver fur accidentally touches your Soft, Ginger fur. "Sorry." Silverstripe says, blushing.
  10. Unexpectedly, a rouge cat attacks! You nervously try to back up, but the rouge cat chases after you and pins you to the ground. The rouge cat claws you in the face, leaving bloody claw marks. You are in serious pain! "AMBERPELT!" Silverstripe screams.
  11. You lie on the ground, moaning in pain with blood draining from your body. "Don't worry, Amberpelt!" Silverstripe says. "I'm going to get the medicine cat!" Silverstripe hurries out of sight to get the medicine cat. You start to hear bushes rustling. Ashfur comes out of the bushes. "Amberpelt? Is that you?" Asks Ashfur. He sits down by your blood-draining body and lays a paw on your head. "Amberpelt, are you alright?"
  12. Ashfur starts whispering to you in a soothing voice. Silverstripe returns with the medicine cat, Poppytail. Silverstripe looks at Ashfur whispering to you, astonished. "Ashfur!? What are you doing here!?" says Silverstripe in a jealous way. "Making Amberpelt comfortable." says Ashfur. "G-g-get away form her...!!" Silverstripe furiously snapped. Poppytail takes a look at you, with blood draining from you, and a scratch mark on your face. "You're wounded very badly..." says Poppytail worriedly. Will she be okay?" says Silverstripe and Ashfur at the same time.
  13. "She'll be okay, though. No death." says Poppytail. Silverstripe and Ashfur sighed in relief. They both sat beside your bloody body, and hugged you. "Amberpelt--" Silverstripe began. "--We have something to tell you." Ashfur interrupted. "Me and Ashfur both love you very much. We felt this way about you since we were all apprentices. And we want you to make a choice." Silverstripe says. "Do you choose to be with Me, or Silverstripe?" asked Ashfur. "Please make a choice. We want you to be happy." pleaded Silverstripe. Who will you choose to be with? Silverstripe or Ashfur?

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